Wild Loot chat.

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    Hi I just did wild loot and while I am not into naming names or pointing fingers we could use a Mod in the wild loot with us even if just to monitor chats.
    The reason being every day we hear the same comments, the same complaining and the same insults and as much as they are not directed at me, instead at players like Aviendha, Rain, Lord Paladin all the big spenders and hitters.
    I know personal grudges do come up and happen as a certain player loves to target me however has the respect to at least not foul chat up.
    It is just getting somewhat tiresome reading these comments nor is it pleasant to see 1 player insult the entire wild loot calling them 'the male genitals'

    Im not sure what or if anything can be done but it would be pleasant if we could have a laugh and joke as we were at the start instead of defending ourselves against insults and tantrums.
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