why wont the game devs act on cheats?

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    i previously sent in a ticket about a possible game hack/cheat/rorting happening with in the game on this server s86 and the merged server s81...and the reply i got was not what you call very satisfactory as per attached file...how can an issue this grave be solved when it is still happening....Also I know that i am not the only one to send a ticket in about the matter.....there are grave concerns about this issue that needs adhering to..people have paid quite a bit of money in the game..and would continue to do so...Only if the game was played fairly...why chase people who have unlimited resources thru hacks/cheats/rorts..I think ...no I know that if this has not been resolved very soon...the server will I repeat WILL lose some very high profile players that have paid a lot into this game. I am talking at least 60 to 80 percent of the server will quit the game..players from svip 10 down within the merged servers will no longer be part of it anymore . come on guys play the game fair and give the payers a fair go..rid these cheats....I also read that the russian version of this game has been closed down....you want this to happen to your version? it will believe me
    so please do something and very quickly and dont give me the automated answer of
    Hello. Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. The information you provided will be forwarded to the game's developers to check for possible use of exploits and cheats. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    all the people that have sent in a ticket has recieved this answer
    its time to get your act into gear and earn the respect back from the true clean players
    thank you in advance
    aussie mike
    the above is a copy of a ticket i recently sent
    if i am banned for this so be it
    i am speaking on behalf of the true players who want to get back to enjoying the game
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    This is what happens when you send a ticket regarding a cheat or any similar matter. Information is being sent to the devs so they can investigate it further. And you have been informed of that via this ticket response.
    This is exactly what is happening as of now with that information.
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    That is essential the same canned response I've received for most every ticket I've submitted, so that as the OP stated, is a ridiculous response considering the severity of the claim/activity being reported.

    I too am on these merged servers and know exactly who it's regarding and agree 1000% that the player is cheating in some way shape or form. Despite any recharging they've done since merge, its just impossible for them to have jumped 3mil BR in such a short time and go from a fair amount of red astrals across the 4 heros to ALL REDS with many double stat reds. Whether its a hack of game or maybe fake credit card info (I dunno) but it's just not possible what we're seeing. I too am sVip on the server and would love a constructive response to the complaint.