What is the problem with recharge using gift cards the last 4 months? Especially after maintenance..

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    poor customer service from 101.xp...Either you want customer happy and continue to make purchase, maybe bring you more customers, or you just don't care how much money you generate for business or the people you do business with.... You seem to have a 3 party system that is failing you. And why is the customer directed to 4 different websites to purchase a product from you? They have to work for you to purchase your product? This is what you are telling me when i have to get the run around to purchase product from your site. I feel it is a utter sham... You have Walmart gift cards as option for method of payment. But yet seems after site has a maintenance there is problem with using them. Customer is told provide screen shot of problem, then directed to XSOLLA, then they direct customer to pay garden....You want customer's money i would think that you would get in there and find out why these links are not working not make the customer do it...Each and every time the card has work on different sites so not the problem with the card or where it was purchased, the problem is with you, and the software you chose to use to take the payments your customers. If i were business would be looking into that and putting a fix on it ASAP. Or take the option down so not to annoy the customer so much, and risk losing the business...This whole screen shot you think is required is nonsense for message in box that shows up after trying to make purchase.