Welcome to the new server "Flooded Cave"

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    Saddle your dragons and be ready to enter the lands of the “Flooded Cave”. The server is named after the great cave where water dragons slept, until one day, the great flood happened and they had to escape and leave all their treasures behind. Now, you can try to enter the “Flooded Cave” in order to find ancient artifacts and treasure! Be ready to start your new journey on the new server “Flooded Cave”!

    Check out start events!

    Level up

    Event duration — 7 days

    Level up as fast as you can and collect your prize for being the best of the best!

    The number of rewards is limited so go on and be the first to claim yours!


    Mount Strength

    Event duration – 2 days

    Upgrade your mount and claim rewards for its ranking. The number of participations is limited so make sure you are the fastest to own it all!


    Arena Challenge

    During the event come to fight on the arena and collect your reward for being on the top of the list! Score will be summarized at 10 pm every day.


    Best guild

    Event duration – 5 days

    At the end of the event, all members of the guild that won the first prize on the guild rating will be rewarded with 200 sapphires. If your Battle Rating is over 30 000 you will be granted with additional gift.


    Super battle rating

    Event duration – 7 days

    Improve your Battle Rating and collect your reward for achieving new ranks! The number of rewards is limited so better be in a hurry!


    Rushing mount

    Event duration – 7 days

    Upgrade your mount faster than everyone else and claim your reward. The higher your VIP-level the better prize you`ll get!


    Love over gold

    Event duration – 3 days

    Upgrade your wedding rings and be rewarded with fair gifts. The reward shall be granted according to your ring level.


    Gem Group sales

    Duration – 9 days

    Once the certain number of 4-lvl gems is bought at the store, all VIP players can claim their rewards, according to their VIP-level.


    Mount upgrading activity

    Event duration – 9 days

    Upgrade your mount to participate in this event. The more levels and stars your mount will get the more valuable gifts you will get!


    Single purchase of Balens

    Event duration – 3 days

    Add a specific amount of funds on your account in single purchase and get extra Balens for it!


    Play Dragon Blood!