War of Thanks Has Been closed down with no prior warning, not Fair.

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    Hello disappointed I was on Tuesday the 19th of February 2019. to not be able to log on.

    I have been playing this game for nearly 11 months. I had reached top XP level on my server. I had invested lots of time and effort etc. to upgrade. I am Leader of the Clan,
    DELTA FORCE. (AKA. L.33.) )

    At first I thought that the game had gone down for maintenance. But no, The game had been closed down right In the start of an Event. (Magnet)

    I find this bad, that no prior warning had been given that the game would be closing, and many players who had invested money in this game have wasted it.

    What is to be done now? And Is there Compensation?

    Please be good enough to let me know what good comes from this.