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    Today, on 18th of May, an update was installed in "Storm Riders". Check out "Usurper's secret" — a great new demonization feature, that allows you to exchange valuables for random attributes boosts.


    Just drag valuables that you don't need anymore and fill an orange bar in the middle of the screen. Once it's full you'll gain dodge, crit, HP and other bonuses at random.

    Now lets proceed to the weekly events.

    Consumption reward
    Spend gold and get generous rewards. Every two days characteristic improvement events will be waiting for you!

    • On 20th and 21st of May you will get greed dragon remains for spending gold.
    • On 22nd and 23rd of May you will get Ascension stones and other rewards for spending gold.
    • On 24th and 25th of May spend gold to get mount elixirs and other valuables.
    Wheel of fortune
    From 19th until 20th and from 23rd to 24th of May you’ll have a chance to play a game with lady luck and win precious expendables, skillbooks, currency and other valuables!

    Treasure trove
    From 24th until 27th of May participate in a grand lottery, gain event points and exchange them for more valuables!

    God of Wealth
    From 20th until 22nd and from 24th until 26th of May spend gold and receive God of Wealth orders. Exchange them for the most valuable gifts!

    Super discount shop
    During the whole week buy luxury scrolls (up to 40 items a day) with a discount. Upgrade your mount, Ascension, armor or Tormentor faster and more efficient!

    Generous gifts
    On 29th and 30th of May you shall get additional rewards for all payements. The more you buy, the more you get!

    Also do not lose an opportunity to collect the richest harvest from the Tree of Wealth the whole week.

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    you guys need to stop advertising treasure trove with grand lottery, it has been ripped out from our version it is misleading.
    original version and other regional servers are set at 100% / 75% / 50% gold return, we have been watered down to 50% / 25% / 10%

    Theres no grand lottery in our version, please revise your own product before advertising, theres alot of ninja nerfs that they made to our version.