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    Hello everyone,

    I know, I wrote on the discord chat that I will make a draw of new bosses, but with the new house and everything what I have to fix at the new house. I can not make a picture of new bosses. So, I will try explain what you can do about the upgrade the game.

    You made a new game, but this game needs to be upgraded if you wanna have players. Merge of servers is only temporary how you will keep players in the game. Very soon players will leave the game again.

    First of all, upgrade levels to 500 (1st phase of upgrade). Rewards for every 50 levels. Example: 350, 400, 450 and 500 levels.
    Make a new gems with color red, blue and green (1st gem), dark-red, dark-blue and dark-green (2nd gem), fire-red, fire-blue and fire-green (3rd gem). Like you now have gems, you only need change the color of it and you will have new items. Very simple for that change. I made a suggestion for a suggestion that every player on wind, wood and pond can have gems in own, so if we wanna go to world boss only players from the server can enter in the world boss, not others. Every gem has something special powers. Like wind has much attack bonus, pond has defence bonus and wood has hp bonus.

    So for that you'll need new 18 world bosses in all three servers (wind, wood and pond). That would be good for the players. Bosses like werewolf, evil mermaid, evil fish, ice bear, ice witch, dark angel and etc.

    Where all players can compete it would be a new event, a cross-server battle. How will this works? It has 10 rounds. Every player has to eneter in that battle and he needs to make kills in every round. You can kill everyone. In every round player will get a reward, the bigger the round, the better the prize. Example for the reward: gold coin, bound topaz and something else. When the event is finished, there are also prizes to complete the event according to the list of those who made more kills. During the event, you can see a list of who currently has the lead and who is in the top10.
    For example:
    1st round - 3 kills
    2nd round - 5 kills
    3rd round - 10 kills
    4th round - 15 kills
    5th round - 25 kills
    6th round - 40 kills
    7th round - 65 kills
    8th round - 105 kills
    9th round - 170 kills
    10th round - 275 kills

    Upgrade skills to lvl 100 in a 1st phase of upgrade.

    New military ranks. The last rank is General.
    For example new ranks can be Field Marshal, Supreme Marshal, National Force, Legendary Force, God of War, Titan and Legend.

    Add 4th and 5th door to demons eyes. 4th door is red demon eyes and 5th demons eyes different color, look what I wrote about gems. 6th demons eyes we can have when buying those eggs. Like now we can buy only 4th eggs for 2k topaz.

    Myriad of demons have to be upgraded with new demons and more floor.

    Maybe you have to think about add Guild storage, so players can get to the item easily.

    I could write more about the upgrade, because whole game needs to be upgraded. I hope players will tell about this propose or make a new propose.

    Also if you need my help, I can explain the details of other suggestions to you. You can contact me.
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    well said
    and don't forget EVENTS
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    We appreciate your ideas and thanks for sharing with us.We have reported the issue to our developers.