[Trouble Shooting] Placing Heroes in Backup Formation.

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    Trouble Shooting Backup Heroes.

    The first thing you need to remember when attempting to put backup heroes in your backup formation is that the first row of heroes needs to be one star level higher than the second row of heroes.


    Please keep in mind if you are transfering heroes from your formation to your backup formation if there are items on your hero you will need room in your bag for all of their items. These are the areas to check if you are getting an error message while trying to put a hero into backup from your main formation.

    1. Your Main bag.
    2. Your Gem bag.
    3. Your Equipment bag.
    4. Your Rune bag.
    5. Your Sacred Weapon.bag.
    6. Your Astro bag. (this is found in your Astro pannel located at the bottom of your screen)
    7. Your Holy Weapon bag.

    If any of these are full or close to full they can prevent you from transfering your hero to the backup position.
    Remember if you are having issues with this your friends and guild mates are great sources for ideas on what may be wrong.
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