[Trouble Shooting] Guild Master Elections

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    Trouble Shoot – Guild Master Elections

    Every once in a while the guild master either can’t or doesn’t play for a while. This leaves the guild needing to replace the guild master so the guild can continue to move forward and grow. This is done by electing a new guild master. The steps for this are first the guild master must be missing for a full week therefore on the eighth day you many do elections. This is commonly misunderstood as people try to do this on the seventh day.

    To elect a new guild master on the eighth day open the guild.


    Go to the management tab


    There you will see the Guild Master Election. It is grey because the guildmaster has not been absent from this guild

    As you can see in the picture it tells you that the guild master must be absent for seven days. This means on the eighth day the button can be pressed then sent to the area for the guild master election.
    The guild master will be replaced on the 9th day.
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