Too many events to handle from October 20!

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    Dragon-saddlesrs, be prepared, because there are too many events to handle in the game! Enter Dragon Blood today and enjoy awesome events!


    On October 20 for those who want to receive generous gifts effortlessly check out “Vitality” event. Available for players 80+ lvl and for the servers that were opened more than 30 days ago.

    Gem Surprise Sale
    On October 20 buy Gems during the sale! Super bonus is waiting for you!
    The event is available to lvl 35+ players.
    Dragon Orb Stele
    The event will be on from October 21 to 25.!
    Get silver and gold dragon coins in the dungeon and Hall of Heroes, you will need to spend gold and silver coins for a normal pray and 88 balens for an advanced pray. Golden coins will be received when you get full score in the daily event Devotion. Moreover, you will get items to activate Golden Dragon by Adv. Pray, also some lucky ones will get red astro with great stats!
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