[Tip] How to take ScreenShots in Browser Games

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    There are a couple of ways of doing this. I'll start with first common one.
    1. Hit Print Screen button on keyboard. 2. Then open MS Paint (you might have to search for it in search bar). 3. Go to Clipboard. Hit paste and save. (you can rename it b4 saving and make sure you know where you saved it).
    One issue is when you need to send a Screenshot, it may be blurry and unreadable. To fix this, upload your Screenshot to https://imgur.com/ and send the link to support or a mod. (easier to zoom in and read)

    Method #2
    Snipping Tool (Windows 10) you have to search for it in search bar. This tool you can set a size and only screen shot small areas like Chat for example. Downside is taking screenshots on the fly (in action) doesnt work so well.
    I hope this helps anyone across all browser games at 101xp.com
    Tip: This also works if you havnt been active enough to upload screenshots
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