Tentative Guide for non-VIP or Free Players

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    I have got questions from various players as to what they can do to boost power/BP. While I may not be the best person to answer those questions, I feel honored and will do my best.
    As always, comments/suggestions are most welcome. I will appreciate in particular feedback from Free Players - they are likely to have a better grasp than me on these points.

    Rule 1: you need a lot of time
    Rule 2: get all free stuff (ALL OF IT)
    Rule 3: get the fairy
    Rule 4: be careful with your sapphires
    Rule 5: be careful with you level
    Rule 6: use team actions - for Morse, Twilight, Mirrors and to beat the higher stages from the Guild Dungeon

    Free stuff:
    • run Morse, Twilight and all Mirrors, to get all rewards and all coins/points (try to get a team together sharing runs, otherwise, we are talking hours)
      buy: rubies, Faiy enchanting and then Goddess/Amber, relive patterns for Main, Goddess, and the hero of your choice
    • unlock the relive dungeons, free stuff to collect, later cheap stuff to buy
    • Treasure: minimum 3 runs/day, try to get a win -> wish coins, costume fostering, sapphires, black market, plus the purple spirit and god hero patterns (from the medals)
    • Dragon City Hegemony: gem and rune enchanting, later skill books
    • Zodiac: hit only the totem, leave the boss to the Heavy Hitters (you are unlikely to make a huge difference anyway)
    • Floors/Flags: buy honor and prestige to unlock Noble Ranks, later get Glory Stones (you will have to collect for ages for the skill books)
    • roll the Noble Rank emblems until you get an orange/red one - that is free, you need rubies only if you lock an emblem
    • get gem and mount enchanting from the guild shop, spend the rest of your guild contribution on gem/rune/amber (guild skills are useful only while you are really weak)
    • Guild Battle, Venus, Demon Temple, Mysterious Realm, Fun Quests, Treasure Maps (the Demon Lord on Morse Mountain), Spirit XP (initally, the Spirit is one of the fastest growing elements), Parties, Intimacy, Wedding Ring Fostering, Divination (gold based), Drift Bottle Quests, Goblin Treasure, Arena (beat up weakers to get max rewards)
    • all special weekend events
    Get the Fairy, due to the free enchanting stones. It costs a lot, but it is worth it.
    EDIT: According to Rhoan, you can foster and enchant without having the fairy. I cannot say. If Rhoan is right - and he likely is - getting the Fairy is likely not that useful.​

    Sapphires will be comparatively hard to get for you. Consider carefully on what to spend - alchemy, fostering stones, bag expansion, black market (yes, I'd say), or battle cooldown in Zodiac. The totem of the later Zodiacs may offer more gold than alchemy, depending on your level. Also, check the event shops for sapphire stuff, e.g. to boost your dragon.
    Get to level 150 to unlock the relive. The relive is a massive boost for BP and power. It takes ages to collect, so start early. After that, watch your progress. Difficulty increases with level. If you level up too fast, you may not be able to beat the treasure map demons any more, and that would be a pity. You will continue to get the hourly stamina as well as the stamina from Spirit quests, stack it up.
    Talent Cards
    I suggest not to unlock the additional Talent Cards slots until you have some nice purple card to put in. The card should be at least level 2, otherwise, it is just too weak. The cards work with percentages. Hence, if you are low on attack, a devil card (regain HP percentage of the attack) will not help you much anyway​

    Some General Stuff, not limited to non-VIP:

    • Get gem, rune, amber, enchanting stones (the ones you put in treasure) to level 6, that is when the enchanting kicks in
    • Demon Coming has the cheapest enchanting stones to put into treasure, 30 rubies - but you will literally need a ton of those.
    • Emphasize attack on main and defense on tank
    • Dragon Soul: get your main high, followed by goddess (takes ages to collect, not worth buying in the Black Market, in my opinion). The goddess is the last to attack, so its use is not as good as for main.
    • God Castlevania is normally better than Princess Tyna, God Brave Bunny is normally better than Frost Queen
    • In my experience the 4 star relive heroes are better for PvP, while the 5 star relive is better for the Dungeon.
    • When you run into trouble beating the current stage of the Guild Dungeon, switch to a higher floor, lower stage. Normally, with a good team, you will beat at least the first 4 stages of a floor (just one kill wave). This allows you to collect the higher patterns and more upgrade materials. You may end up having the first 4 artifacts at level 140 or 160, and the last 2 around 80 - but who cares? Be careful with your forging, though - no need to forge something you will upgrade anyway in two weeks.
    Ruby Spending (yes, the juicy part at the end)
    Once you have the Fairy, you should go for best cost-benefit (pretty obvious). For me that means:
    • divination enchanting (one enchanting gets all souls up)
    • amber/devil enchanting (one enchanting gets all up, but only starting with lvl 6)
    • fairy mount enchanting etc from Demon Coming (not the fairy itself, that comes from Morse)
    • enchanting stones to put into treasure - you will need a ton, as mentioned, so this is kind of a longer shot
    • Stay away from new avatars for mount, costume, etc: these are normally very expensive. If you go there, you have to evolve them (takes ages/costs a lot). I am not sure this is a really good option, at least initally.
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    You can foster and enchant identity items even if you don't have them; you just can't evolve them.

    I had a checklist for items to collect daily (if you haven't unlocked these you can ignore them until you have):

    Feed guild beast

    From guild, buy gem enchant and mount enchant daily (also save contrib to buy the griffin frags and the twilight costume set). When you have some spare contrib buy ambers

    From killing field shop, buy the 50 honour - you can start buying the skill books at 300 killer tokens but make sure you always have at least 6 tokens left
    From total war shop, buy costume skill books when you can

    Go to Gods Treasure and Dragons Treasure, even if you just sit in spawn - save up your points for god frags. I recommend death lord then demon lord, then work on the others

    When you've unlocked cross server team, run it as many times as you can - max if possible, then buy 2 ruby packs daily with the points from morse and twilight. Twilight needs around 9 mil bp for 1st fighter to clear, up until then it's probably quicker to run morse for points as finding a team to get you anywhere in twilight can be difficult.

    Go to as many zodiacs as you can for the wheel spins; if you craft 2 different lvl 1 enchant stones together you get a random lvl 2 which helps fill the slots. Also, it's a good way to get free card frags once you're past lvl 110.

    At level 60, go to dragon city hegemony if you can. I recommend you buy the rune enchants initially - when you get close to maxing buy the gem enchants, but remember you can buy from guild shop too so don't go overboard. When you're close to maxed on both buy the skill books or card frags or both

    At level 150, you unlock "mirror dungeons" in cross server team. If you can run all 5 mirror dungeons twice a day for about 2 months you can ignore 3 of them for over a year afterwards. If you don't have time to run all, run just mirror morse and mirror twilight (mirror morse gives 4-star relive medals and mirror twilight 5-star, while the other 3 mirrors give mats).

    Try to do everything you can every day - the difference between vip and non-vip is "time". As non-vip you will take probably 4-5 times longer than a high vip to grow, but if you build carefully you will be stronger at the same bp. If you're getting stuck a lot, stop running auto exp missions and don't buy extra exp dungeons attempts - that will slow your levelling speed and give you time to get your build stronger.

    HP isn't worth it. Use it if you get it - don't buy it though.

    As Adam said, a god hero is better than a yellow next star up. God naga is generally good to use up until you have yellow tarot, if you have it.

    Guild skills are "rented bp"; they expire in a week so it's better to buy ambers for permanent bp.

    If you have spare rubies and a discount shop comes up, amber and div enchants are your best bet.

    Once you get to 4-star heroes don't bother levelling white, green or blue heroes, and don't recruit them. It costs so much gold to level them that you're better off waiting longer for hero hall to give you a purple. Otherwise you will go broke and you'll unlock the next star heroes before you finish with your current set. On a related note, evolve everything to yellow. There's a difference in the boost between the different evolved stages of heroes when in assist, and it's easier to level slower and evolve as you go than have to go back and run a lower dungeon again.

    Tip for non-carders:
    For both kings glory and guild battle, if you don't use a card you can open and close your attack window easily (if you use card it will forcibly open your window if you manually close it). If you keep getting targeted by a card player, close your attack window for a few seconds - the card works on a rotation basis so if you aren't available to battle it will move on to a different target.

    (If anyone knows how to tidy this up, please do.)
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    very nice thank you both for this contribution I am sure many will get some good ideas from your advice. Also gave me a few thanks again!
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    Posted on behalf of Nutcase:

    1. First and foremost, something for ALL players, both paying and free-playing. This game is a community, in a community, in a community. You're in a guild, on a server and have cross-server contacts. ALL these contacts are important. Be friendly, civil, helpful and courteous. Don't forget : YOU TOO WILL NEED HELP. Help comes easier if you're a kind human being.
    2. Your most valuable commodity is TIME. Ask questions. Listen to people. Try stuff. Read Adam's guide on speeding through CST. And remember: if you don't put in the time, you won't grow.
    1. Do EVERYTHING. Nothing is "less important" as a non-VIP. If you can get 7 extra BP points from the illustration cards, do so. It all adds up.
    2. Dragomon: read the guides, and buy Bunilla from the Exchange shop DAILY.
    3. You will need Rubies. They don't come easy to a non-VIP. Here's my list of places where you can find them.
      1. Grade Rank Missions (the so-called Paladin-system). Grow you heroes and get rubies.
      2. Texas Hold'Em. Play the cards and hope for good ones.
      3. Cross Server Team Shop. Once you get to do Morse and Twilight in CST, try to max your friendship points to 1.200 daily and buy those 2 daily Cross Server Ruby Packs. It's a game of chance, but every 20 rubies is 20 rubies.
      4. Everyday Treasure: keep an eye out for people giving chests and make sure you grab your part. Every now and again you'll find rubies in there.
      5. Guild Mysterious realm Chests: Each day, the bosses in Guild Mysterious Realm let you pick stuff. Sometimes you'll get Lucky.
      6. Zodiac chests. 5 rubies at a time. But it all adds up.
      7. New Years Wishes. OK - once a year. But up to 300 rubies a day during the time of this event.
      8. Roulette.
      9. Q&A Gift boxes.
      10. Easter Eggs in the Eternal Battle Shop.
      11. Treasure House. You get 5 runs with sapphires, but often you get two extra runs through tickets from the running event. Try to get to page 2. There's a chance at rubies there.
      12. Drift bottles. Throw your drift bottles to VIPs in your guild, preferably those that you know invest regularly. If they get a ruby bottle from you, and act on it, you will get 10 to 50 rubies as well.
      13. Mirror runs: When you get to level 150 and start the mirror runs, you get rubies for the first time you end each of those 5 runs. (50 - 50 - 80 - 80 - 100)
      14. Once you get level 150 and do mirror runs, make sure you max out on Reincarnation Coins. You can get 1.200 per day. There are two Cross-server Ruby packs in this shop as well, though they are expensive.
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