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    Once upon a time
    One Halloween I was dared) to go to Peter's house and knock on the door and say trick or treat. I was mad at these bullies for forcing me to do this but once again I had lost one of Frank's favorite items, his map. Yep not good because he only started it and had been working very hard to make it. I felt bad but my Rottweiler had grabbed it out of my hands while I was admiring it and he took off and came back with no map. So I went up to Peter's house and knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I started banging on the door screaming "Peter if you don't answer the door this instant I'm breaking down the door!" I paused catching my breath and then "DON'T BREAK MY DOOR I JUST FINISHED PAINTING IT!" I look around for the direction that Peter's voice had come from the I heard "You idiot Chris I'm up here!" I looked up and saw Peter hanging from the jaws of a black and red glowing Night-wing. I gaped at the dragon not able to take my eyes off the magnificent beast. Peter's scratchy irritated voice interrupted my thoughts "Don't just stand there get this dragon TO PUT ME DOWN!" he growled. I sighed and held out some Jerked beef I was going to take home after knocking on his door because why not? This man was a mean old grouch and I hated his guts but that dragon looked mad too and my dragon training kicked in. I dropped my helmet and all my stuff on the ground inching my way up the roof the jerked beef clutched in my outstretched hand. "I know he's a grouchy old man but let him down please Mr. Night-wing and I'll give you a yummy reward" I said softly inching closer. The Night-wing looked at me cautiously before dropping Peter down on the roof I inched forward thinking he was finally bonding with me before his wings snapped open knocking me off the roof and picking up a screaming Peter and taking off. I yelped as I landed in a patch of grass when I noticed I landed in a big spot of twigs. As I got up I gasped it was a Night-wing nest and from the looks of it Peter had destroyed it. No wonder the Night-wing was angry Peter's house overlooked Belfast but Night-wings were elusive and his house was away from all the noisy pirates. So the Night-wing thought it was the perfect spot away from all pirates and other dragons but near the mountains. I looked up in time to see Peter on the ground the Night-wing growling when I started to make an twig nest away from Peter's house a bit the Night-wing dropped Peter in a near by porcupine hole. The Night-wing looked up and flew up to me watching me make the nest. Then it sniffed it checking my work before curling up and going to sleep. His brown skin rose up and down in content and I decided to name him Wall-nut like the brownness of his skin. I patted him against the neck and listened to the muffle of Peter's screams as he screamed in the hole Wall-nut dropped him into. I popped a piece of jerked beef into my mouth and offered one to Wall-nut who opened one eye and took it greedily. Yup this was the best Halloween ever.
    The End~
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