Technical maintenance and server merge on August 25

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    On August 25 Dragon Blood servers will go offline for 2 hours. Maintenance will start at 06:00 am UTC and will approximately end at 08:00 am UTC.

    We apologize for any inconveniences.

    After the maintenance the following servers will be merged:
    • S1, S2, S7, S3, S11, S12 will be merged into S1
    • S4, S5, S6, S23, S25 will be merged into S4
    • S8, S10, S15, S22, S24 will be merged into S8
    • S9, S13, S14, S16, S18, S20, S17, S19, S21 will be merged into S9
    • S30, S31, S32 will be merged into S30
    • S33, S34, S36, S37 will be merged into S33
    Read more in this Guide.


    Q: Why am I asked to rename my character?
    A: Because there were several players with the same nickname on the merged servers and they need to change their nicknames. You will be suggested to change your nickname for free. It also applies to Guild names.

    Q: Where is my couple? The game says that I’m divorced.
    A: Once your couple comes online for the first time after server merge, it will get back to normal. Don’t worry!

    The same applies to general rankings and Arena rankings. They will be filling as the players will be entering the game.

    Q: My character/items are missing.
    A: In this case only support team can help you. Please submit a ticket, attach some screenshots of the problem, leave your nickname and ID.

    Q: Why can’t I receive the reward from World Boss 5?
    A: You need to be VIP 3. If the boss hasn't been defeated at a given time, you can't get the reward from it.

    Q: Which server should I enter after server merge?
    A: You will be able to choose the same server as before.

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    what if you use 1 facebook login in but have characters on multiple servers and those servers are merging together? and what if you spent money on those servers?
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    Hi Hawt, You can still play all those characters, you will just need to log in to your original server with each one, even though they are now on the same merged server. If the names were the exact same, you will have to change them (for free). That is the only difference.