Talent Cards - the practical aspects

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    Dear all,

    I invested a bit a bit of time in those talents cards, the ones you put on your heroes in the three slots. There is an official guide on the talent card realm including all cards at the bottom, see here: https://forum-en.101xp.com/threads/guide-talent-card-realm.62231/

    Some cards are pretty obvious to place, like Unbending on your Main, Shadow on your Support and Mad on your Tank. Some other depend on the sequence of attacks. It is Main - Support - Tank - Damage Dealer - Goddess. For good results, I put Slaughter (higher damage with higher target BP) on my Main and Storm (higher damage with lower target BP) on my Goddess. The Damage Dealer gets a Titan (always increased damage).

    The interesting stuff is with War God (increase Crit) and Master/Control (increase Crit damage if Crit has increased by more than 20%). Yes, you need the interaction between these cards. I found that damage can be maxed by putting War God on Support and Tank, combined with Master/Control on Damage Dealer and Goddess. Hint: could be nice for Zodiac - provided you do all the clicks:)

    That left me with the following setup:
    Main - Unbending, Slaughter, Titan
    Support - Shadow, War God, Slaughter
    Tank - Mad, Devil, War God
    Damage Dealer - Titan, Slaughter, Master (maybe replace Slaughter by Control)
    Goddess - Storm, Titan, Master

    It worked quite nicely, I did beat all players on my home server - except a 45 Mill ppl. A lead of more than 10 Mill is hard to bridge.

    I noted another thing: the card setup is pale compared to the luck aspect introduced by Dryad +3 and the Green Dragon (stuns an oppponent) and the 30% chance of the Bunny doing 350% damage. You will, however, be able to beat your personal nemesis (someone close to your BP and always getting the upper hand so far) more regularly.

    For sake of completeness: I changed back to my usual setup with Devil everywhere. I simply prefer that.

    Have fun, Adam
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    Thank you so much for your input Adam. MIne was similar to the above with the biggest exception of the goddess. Got advice from someone in my server, was wondering if it was good or not LOL Thanks again
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    This would deserve pinning at least :)
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