Summer fever in the game!

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    Heroes! New events await and, also, a new summer event is coming into the game!

    Wheel of Joy
    From August 9th to 12th participate in the Wheel of Joy event! Use recharge balens, spin the wheel and get amazing rewards including Aries talent cards, lots of reward balens and War Soul items. The event calculates all the spins on the server and forms so called Balen Pool which allows you to get even more rewards! Test your luck and win!

    Mount Capsule
    From August 10th to 12th you will get an opportunity to test your luck in the Mount Capsule event. Use Mount Lucky coin to open capsules!

    Challenge road

    Choose a road to follow and defeat all evil that stands in your way in the Challenge Road event from August 11th to 17th.

    Summer fever

    Recharge and receive extra bonuses from August 11th to 17th.

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