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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by :}|{: Lady K, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Hi - so here's my thinking:

    DB has cashers and non-vip. Obviously, cashers gain much greater advantage in game. Over the course of playing, I've noticed there are a number of incredible players who have achieved very high BR relative to the amount they have cashed. This demonstrates SKILLS beyond cashing. => So, I propose that DB develop a way for players to 'vote' for various categories of Most Valuable Player (MVP).

    E.g., 1) Highest BR relative to cashing (in each of the 3 player field levels)
    2) Most helpful Top 20 Player> Top 50 (+ at the 3 field levels?)
    3) Best Mod
    4) Best Worst Fashion Dresser
    5) Most Frequently MUTED ;)
    6) Most........????

    Maybe others have ideas for an MVP award? - Please add! :)

    I would suggest that the Top Winners of these various MVP awards categories should be given something along the line of these following prizes:
    1) A Unique Fashion Set
    2) A Unique Title
    3) Void materials (or other for lower than 179) + Gold and Balens

    (please add your ideas for different Category Awards!)

    This new activity would apply cross-server, creating greater engagement of all players. I imagine it could also be done in a Forum 'Vote' situation, which would give DB an opportunity to vindicate/redeem itself from the prior `merge vote` fiasco. This MVP voting would explicitly be player-driven, and DB could demonstrate that it is responsive with following through on player responses/volitions/votes by managing the voting and delivering the prizes.

    This would also help to make the game more interesting. It would recognize the long-time players who have essentially kept other players playing, and would also make DB less blatantly cash driven.

    What do you all think?

    Please feel free to add: MVP Award Categories ideas, and Prize ideas!

    Thanks for listening and caring to read.
    Best wishes,
    :}|{: Lady K

    July 31, 2018
    (If DB does use this idea, please give credit to my creative IP)
    *reposted from Conversation to make it Forum wide accessible
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    Lady K, let's not give No. 5 any more ideas. . .

    But thanks for your ideas. Will pass it along. :D
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