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    Is anyone else having issues with "freezing" when you are in a battle - such as Clash of Might, World Boss, arena challenges, anything that you go into a VS box to challenge or fight? We have so much "lag" that it makes it impossible to do all of the events without constant refreshing …… and I do mean almost every single time! There are so many issues with this game that I can't list them all due to the time and length it would take, but I am not understanding why the game makers (programmers) can't take the time to fix the problems before worrying about what new game to produce??? As for paying for things to increase my characters, I feel that I am being ripped off when I'm not able to complete everything for hot events. Plus the fact most of my game time is refreshing and starting over again. Please reply if you are also having issues, as I don't think it's my net.