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    Still confused about how to use Stable? These are my tips. Let\'s share and discuss here.

    Stable is available to players level 65 or higher.


    How to access Stable?
    Select (click) on the mount icon.
    By clicking on the Mount, your currently selected mount will appear along with Mount Skill icons and the Stable icon.
    You can also access Stable by clicking on the Party icon.

    After clicking on the Party button, you will see your party formation and the location of Stable icon in the down right corner.
    Clicking on Stable icon in Party or Mount will redirect you to Stable interface.
    Now you need to choose the mount which will be ridden by your selected hero. Click on the + that is shown next to the hero’s blank window. [​IMG]
    1.)Window of “Selecting mounts for hero” will appear. You can move to right and left using the arrows to choose the mount that you wish your hero to ride.

    With this selection option for mounts I have selected Majestic steed for Amazon Hunter.

    Click on the selected Hero Mount Square so it will highlight with orange colour backlight. (like this)
    [​IMG] Here, you can select Mode, and this will prevent system from automatically choosing a mode for your hero.


    There are 3 different Modes, (Attack Mode, Defense Mode, Support Mode) each with different Mode Bonus (A, B, C or D).

    1st.) Attack Mode:
    Bonus A: ATK, Hit, Crit rate
    Bonus B: ATK, Crit, Hit rate
    Bonus C: ATK, END, Crit Damage
    Bonus D: ATK, Block, DMG Bonus

    2nd.) Defense Mode:

    Bonus A: DEF, Block, Block Skills
    Bonus B: DEF, Hit, HP Recover
    Bonus C: DEF, Dodge, Damage Reduction
    Bonus D: DEF, END, DMG Bonus

    3rd.) Support Mode:
    Bonus A: HP, Agility, Crit rate
    Bonus B: HP, Crit, HP Recover
    Bonus C: HP, Dodge, Damage Reduction
    Bonus D: HP, END, DMG Bonus

    You can choose any of these bonuses for your selected hero.
    (Note: Mode bonuses can be in the class of your hero, but also outside of the class.
    For example: if you wish to choose support Mode Bonus for your support hero (Light Envoy), feel free, but it is also possible to apply an attack Bonus on LE. )
    Example: Amazon Hunter Attack Mode, Bonus A.

    Click on OK to apply the Attack Mode, Bonus A on Amazon Hunter.

    Arrow on the picture included above show the Attack Mode A is orange highlighted.
    1.) Mode Bonus, pointed at by the arrow at the right side of the picture, shows you what kind of Stable Mode that your hero currently using.
    2.) Mount Bonus is the Base bonus of Mount that you can see at Mounts icon by hovering your mouse over any type of mount.

    After selecting a mode you have to click on Train button next to Mode button. Training menu will come up and you will see your training is Lvl. 0 : 0 Star (s). Each level of training consists of 10 stars To get 1 star, you need to fill the long bar under the Training Exp, which will consume Blessed Stones. After lighting 10 stars, your stable training will level up and you have to light another 10 stars to level up your stable training again.
    Tip: There are 5 slots for heroes and 1 slot (for main character at the top) Stable doesn´t apply to main character mount training as this is solely training of mounts for heroes. Stable upgrades only slot where where you put hero, this means if you take/change your current hero the training won\'t be lost. Same goes for changing mounts, Stable training won´t disappear after changing your mount for your heroes. [​IMG]
    Current Mount skill will show you the base lvl (lvl 1) of the mount skill attack.

    Upgraded skill is the same skill of the mount, but with boosted attributes.


    Before Training, please make sure you have enough Blessed Stones as with each upgraded level, the amount of Blessed Stones needed will increase.


    1.) The green, blue and purple (etc) will show you the quality of your training. Green goes for Uncommon, Blue goes for Rare, Purple goes for Epic and so on. Colours will only show you how far you have advanced in your training.

    2.) Skill window will show you which Bonus set (A,B,C,D) from Modes you chose. At lvl 0 with 0 stars you will see that the Bonus will be 0, but training your mount will apply bonus of Next lvl which you can see next to Current.
    After you are done with Training, hover your mouse over the swords/staff or shield above the hero his/her head. Mode Bonus will be shown along with Mount Bonus.
    Bound Mount Skills:
    Bound Mount Skills are: Initial, Joint and Finishing. These Skills are working the same as Main character uses his Initial, Joint and Finishing skills, however the trigger rate relies on the mount skill to take effect.

    Note: Bound Mount skills will be triggered when the character triggers the corresponding skills (based on the skill trigger rate)

    1.) Initial Skill: Initial skill will be applied based on the trigger rate when your main character uses his/her initial skill. You can choose initial skill by selecting glamor for your main character.
    2.) Joint Skill: Click on the + at Joint Skill and the window of skills available for you, will be shown. The skills you can use as Joint Skill or Finishing Skill are from the mounts which your heroes are riding.
    3.) Finishing Skill: Click on the + at Finishing Skill and the window of skills available for you will be shown. The skills you can use as Finishing Skill, but also Joint Skill are from mounts which your heroes are riding.

    Example: if you wish to use Evernight for Joint skill or Finishing Skill which is the Moonlight Unicorn skill you have to put this mount on one of your heroes.


    How to gain stable crystals and why do you need them.

    Until you reach lvl 2:10 at Stable with one of your mounts you don’t need them. However when you reach this level you need exactly 20 of these crystals to upgrade the stable training level to a higher one.
    You can gain only 5 Stable Crystals a day from Divine Realms shop.

    After you hit the corresponding lvl, the Divine Realm icon will appear. Enter Divine Realm and go to the Divine Shop, which can be found at the lower right corner.


    Mady by: MoonLighty

    Edit on 11th June 2015 Exapant of Stable guide for: Levels where you need stable crystals.
    level 3.10

    level 4.10

    level 5.10

    level 6.10

    level 7.10

    level 8.10

    level 9.10 (Current MAX level)