Spooky update!

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    Heroes, a new update has arrived to Etheria on October 11!

    New Mount
    Sly Bat
    flew into Etheria on the wings of horror! Saddle it up and the beast will help you protect the kingdom!


    New Hero
    The beautiful Sybil arrived in Etheria to instill fear in her enemies. She will become a faithful ally and will help you defeat any opponent.

    New Fairy

    Little Magician Squirrel also turned up to help the angels and heroes defend Etheria from its vicious enemies.

    New Clothing
    Get ready for Halloween! The new look "Costume Party" will help you become the most stylish resident of Etheria!

    New Evolved Hero
    Third evolution of the Headless Horseman — Doomsday Rider — comes to Etheria, even more powerful than ever!

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