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    hi there..
    i have just received an answer from support which has me baffled
    re the smintheus pirate
    I was having a problem with activating the pirate
    the answer i received that i need the mouse, cat, dog and the rabbit first
    I did not know you needed all 4 mains to activate a cat pirate
    I have the smintheus cat i thought that getting the matching pirate would be logical
    can someone please explain what is needed...
    surely you dont need all 4 mains
    thanking you in advance

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    Apr 15, 2018
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    Hi Think maybe was worded incorrectly do you have main smintheus cat activated ok I see you are saying you do, but from what your saying you can not activate the pirate suit for smintheus ? Also smintheus/pirate card is all in one, so if you already activated smintheus you cant use card, need to turn smintheus into pirate 1st then can use card to upgrade him.
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