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    Heroes, an update came to Etheria on September 28!

    New angel
    Young, but very smart: Desiree has come to help you to protect kingdom! She is very pretty, but so dangerous.

    New Angel Awakening
    From now Aglaea can be awakened! Let's see her power in action!

    New Fairy
    Brave little Mummy came to Etheria! He is ready to become your faithful ally!

    New Fairy Awakening
    Princess Cheery
    can be awakened now! Entrust her the most difficult battle.

    New Sylph
    Shadow Assassin
    , brother of Ninja, came to Etheria. Do you see him? He is behind you.

    Also, you can get a new amulet: Tome of Magic and new mount awakening: Bloodthristy Crow!

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