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    I realize you are moderators that read posts, but I have not been able to send support tickets for several months due to "category selection" not working. It won't allow anything to go through because of this, so I have been posting to the forum. Nothing has worked and NOW, we have missed 2 days because several (or all) of my guild players have not been able to get into the game to play. 504 Time Out gateway error for TWO days on Ysera!! All of the money spent on buying diamonds to help with Tycoon (cross server) has been 'WASTED' because we could not even play! I read several posts on here about not being able to play the game over the weekend, and the moderators said "we can't do anything until Monday when they are back to work", so it was not just us unable to play. I/we finally were able to log into the game today and low and behold, Tycoon is over, craft master is over, ALL are OVER and absolutely NO COMPENSATION for us players unable to even log on to the game. This is horrible for us that lost out on everything only because the game was out of order!!! I have complained several times about the lag, the freezing, the game not allowing us into certain parts of the game to get our Hot Event points...…..nothing has worked!! This time, you CHEATED US out of our rewards. I DO hope a moderator reads this and will be willing to help us out. Obviously the game developers won't!!