Server maintenance on December 11

Discussion in 'News' started by Clifford, Dec 10, 2018.

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    On December 11 Wings and Claws servers will go offline for 2 hours. Maintenance will start at 09:30 am and will approximately end at 11:30 am GMT.

    We apologize for any inconveniences.

    ONIDA/RYLEE Member

    Dec 3, 2017
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    it has been a little over 6 weeks since the last mergers were done
    3 new servers added
    to add to that we have had the events tab showing no events except spend ..spend spend at times
    even now it is not very appealing to a player
    yes we all know it is a business and money turn over is important for a business to exist
    but so too are your current customers..with out them and the word of mouth from them...your game would not exist
    it also seems that all the work load is put on one moderator ( Bonnie ) and a great job she does
    taking all the flak from disgruntled players, answering problems when able to
    if you are running short on mods clifford...lead by example and put in some time yourself to help answer the problems that have arose
    there are at least 6 servers that have asked and are in dire need of a merge.
    sadly the answers that come back seem to be more of an automated answering from an already scripted answer sheet with the occasional input by the mod
    great game...a few bugs that need ironing out and better game support to the players in need
    sad to see it going on the path of many other games
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    Hi Onida, I have to Defend Cliff here, Hi is community Manager so makes the Announcements and he works very Hard behind the scenes, I was the only Mod for a long time and we were advertising for Mods(still are) I am also Staff member in the Forum so it is really down to myself to answer Questions where I can and if I can't to find is up to the Devs when and which server is Merged and as you know they are running many games,
    Your points have been noted and I will put forward your suggestion (not from a script lol ) .
    I am very sorry that the merges you want have not been done yet , Hopefully they will be soon.