Scorpion Mount / Wolf?

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    I have a Scorpion mount that I have trained to level 1 10 stars and upgraded. At one point I had accidentally changed from Scorpion to Wolf- then immediately mounted my Scorpion again. It had lost all training progress so I started over. Now, whenever I combat, I see the wolf mount in the top left - but I am shown riding the scorpion everywhere else.

    3 questions.

    1 : Is the scorpion only able to reach level 1, because I can't train or upgrade it at this point.

    2: Is the scorpion not one that counts in combat? The stats when I hover over the picture of the wolf show stats seem to come from the scorpion so I am unsure if this is a display bug with the UI or something else.

    3: If I change mounts again, do I lose all training on my previous mount again, or is that just specific to the scorpion, or was that just a bug?

    Thank you for any insight!
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    1. You level all mounts at once. if your Mount reaches 10 star it goes to Stage 2 and then Stage 3 and so on. Every Stage you will unlock a new Mount
    2 . the Stats are all Mount stages and Stars together with all Mount upgrades
    3. you can change The mount as often as you want. You will not lose levels

    for more Inforamtion please look into our Mount Guide
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