Relics (i prefer to call them this)

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    The new event has enabled players to fill your pockets with relics, 7 categories each with 4 slots for relics.
    I learnt a few things from an earlier event on how to merge relics, it cost me several wasted relics but that gave me knowledge which i put to use during this event.
    Here I will share what I have learnt.
    When you get a relic it will have 3 stats and 1 additional stat, This you will place into a free slot. Once you have gained a few you will have filled your 4 slots, then you will start to get additional ones.
    Lets use mount for this example
    If you have upgraded your mount to lv 6 you will only be able to use/merge up to lv 6 relics, once you have upgrade mount to lv 7 you can use lv 7 relics etc
    If you merge a lv 6 (fresh with 1 additional stat) with a relic with 1 additional stat you will get a relic with 2 additional stats.
    If you merge lv 8/lv 9/lv10 (starts with 1 additional stat) you will get a relic with 3 additional stat.
    That is the basic part i am sure everyone got that part down pat, the next part is where players make mistakes.
    If you are wearing a relic with 3 additional stats and merge it with a fresh relic with 1 additional stat chances are you will get 0 BP gain and lucky if you gain 30 Bp.
    To get real gains you do this.
    You are wearing a relic with 3 additional stats which is the result of merging 2 fresh relics with 1 additional stat, you get 2 more fresh relics and merge them giving you a new relic with 3 additional stats, then you merge this new relic with the one you wear (merging relics of equal power) this will result in a gain of 2k-3k BP.
    Now you have a relic which is the result of 4 relics being merged, then you get 4 new relics, merge them so you get 2 relics with 3 additional stats then you merge those 2 together giving you a relic that is the product of merging 4 relics (equal power to the one you just made in the previous step) merge this new relic with the one you wear this will get you 2.5k to 5k bp gain.
    By this stage your relics will be 10k to 17k Bp.
    I haven`t progressed beyond this stage, but to merge after this you need to make relics that are the product of 8 fresh relics, then merge with the existing one you wear.
    These results are taking into account that your relics are either blue or purple, you can get props that upgrade your relics that give significant gains (blue to purple to orange) To get these props you have to participate in Guild Wars (there are also some events that will give these items)
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    Thank you, i would like to notice that if you don't give attention to that you can also lose BP !!