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    Players can check their standings in the server-wide characters leaderboard by clicking the “Rankings” button. The feature unlocks on level 48 and the table is automatically updated once per hour.


    The rankings are separated into three main groups:

    ✓ Summary — general rankings, based on character upgrades;
    ✓ Instance — individual rankings for various in-game activities;
    ✓ Other — miscellaneous other rankings.

    General ranks are assigned based on the following stats: Total Power, Titan’s Canon, Gear, Artifacts, Mounts, Avatars, Wings, Relics, Styles, Stones, Guards, Aura, Pets, Partner, and Grimoires.


    Instance ranking types include Titans Challenge, Fairy Mystery, Flying Platform, Sky Treasury, Goddess Guard, Holy Land, and Dragon Lake.


    Other ranking types are Gift Flowers, Received Flowers, and Clans PWR.