Raise Your Own Dragon!

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    Prepare to lead a glorious crusade against the insolent dragons that would turn this world to ashes. Coming soon from 101XP.com, a brand new browser MMORPG. Raise your own dragon and use its strength on his its kin. People of the Holy City are in need of your help.

    Develop your character the way you want. Change between classes at any time and play as the Duelist, Mystic, Cleric or Paladin. Explore dungeons, find epic equipment and legendary relics. Recruit unstoppable allies to your side, such as a ferocious panda or a mysterious predator from the distant frozen lands.

    Challenge epic bosses or players, climb the ranking ladder and participate in various other events. Your dragon, your most loyal ally, will follow you wherever you go.

    Awaken your hidden powers and spare no wings or claws!