Prepare for a spooky August!

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    Heroes! Summer is drawing to a close, and it's already getting darker in Etheria... But worry not, for the power of the Light is still with us! Let's take a break for a minute and check out the latest developments in the realm of angels.
    New Outfit: Count Vlad
    It's easy to feel like a member of the nobility when you're dressed for the occasion! With this costume you'll transform into a duke or duchess of a macabre mansion, greeting your friends with proper courtesy... And your enemies with a well-placed sword strike!
    New Angel: Hela
    A femme fatale with a mischievous and ravenous smile. Don't be afraid - she usually takes good care of her allies... Wouldn't want to be the guy who gets on her bad side though!
    New Fairy Morph: Mummy Morph Stone
    After eternity spent looking for a new best friend... Now at last the Mummy has found you! Give him a home and you'll never have to hire anyone to guard your macabre mansion again!
    New Hero Amulet (For Sibyl): Staff of Witchcraft
    Mount Evo for Snail:
    Shining Snail (Skill: Shining Shell)
    Flame Snail (Skill: Flame Shell)
    Lava Snail (Skill: Lava Shell)

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