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    You'll unlock pet fuction after you reach Level.27

    In this game, are some creatures which can give you differente benefits like: Make you stronger giving you their stats, they give you bonus for more EXP, Gold and Crystal, also can make your MANA Regen faster, but one of the most important they can do for you is to pick up all the drops for you in the floor.

    Our game will give you 1 trial pet Class A, named Devkong, (this is the one who is at the top of the post), he will be a very good partner picking up all your items, but remember two things: you can not Level him up and he will leave you after you reach Lvl 37.

    Now lets see which pet we have:

    Raycoon: Increases obtained Gold bonus, Best stats: Defense and Dodge
    Ratking: Increases your total MP, Best stats: Attack and Critical
    Blitzfox: Increases obtained Crystal bonus, Best stat: Defense
    Wabbit: Increases your MP Regen, This best has beter stats than any other
    Devkong: Increases EXP from killing monster, Best stats: Hp and Attack

    Note: Ratking has the best attack, Rayccon has the best defense [Excluding wabbit]

    After you reach lvl 27 you will be able to acces to pet panel pressing the keyboard buttom "P"


    For daily dungeon Inferno Space, deploy 4 Devkongs to gain +Exp
    For daily dungeon Treasure Palace, deploy 4 Raycoons to gain +Gold
    For daily dungeon Goddess Guardian, deploy 4 Blitzfox to gain +Crystal.

    Note: For Treasure Palace and Goddess Guardian, Leave at least a Class A+ pet to pick the items up.

    Pet Level, Skill, Formation
    Pet Level

    D to A Class available from Normal Hatch, (Obtain FREE Class A Devkong at VIP 2).
    B to S Class available in Advanced Hatch.
    D Class highest level is 20.
    C Class highest level is 40.
    B Class highest level is 60.
    A Class highest level is 80.
    S Class highest level is 100.
    SS Class highest level is 120. [SS only available in recharge gifts]

    Pet Skill

    Pet skills are only upgradeable at A Class or above.
    Level 4 is 1 book, or B Class Upgrade to A Class
    Level 5 is 1 book, or A Class upgrade to S Class
    Level 6 is 2 book,
    Level 7 is 3 book.
    Level 8 is 4 book,
    Pet Skill Level 9 to 20 is 5 books, [Max pet skill level is 20.]

    Pet Formation

    Formation unlocks at level 47, highest formation level is 120.
    Level 1-10 Formation - 1 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 11-20 Formation - 2 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 21-30 Formation - 3 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 31-40 Formation - 4 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 41-50 Formation - 5 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 51-60 Formation - 6 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 61-70 Formation - 7 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 71-80 Formation - 8 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 81-90 Formation - 9 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 91-100 Formation - 10 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 101-110 Formation - 11 Magic Jewel per try
    Level 111-120 Formation - 12 Magic Jewel per try