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    Alchemy [​IMG]
    How many times may I alchemy in one day: 10 for non VIPVIP-4 unlocks 1-click Add (will add Alchemy to friends automatically)

    You can rise 1 alchemy lvl per day

    Armor [​IMG]

    Receive all Armor at level 2

    Boss Rush [​IMG]

    Boss Rush unlocks at level 35

    Boss Rush is a PVP zone, but you enter on Peace Mode by default.

    Boss Drop rewards: Mount Skill Books, Wings Soul, Mount Soul, Mount Spirit, Magic Fruit, Fashion shards, Iron Ore, Enchant Jewel, Gold, Jewels Chests via post. (All Guild members present in Boss rush will receive Jewels for each boss Killed by their Guild Members)

    There is a limit of 12 Boss kills per person in Boss Rush for the good drops

    When a player kills bosses continuously, after he killed 3 bosses, the chance of getting drops will decrease 65%

    If player stays out of Boss Rush for one day (after server reset 24:00) the player will get good drops again.

    1-3 kills 100% chance to get drops, also double drop rate

    4-6 kills 35%

    7-9 kills 12.25%

    10+ kills 4.25%

    Daily Quests / Guild Quests

    Upon server reset, you will be given a random assortment of 20 Daily Quests & 20 Guild Quests

    It will be one of the following:Complete Daily Quests to gain extra EXP, Bound Diamonds (300), Holy Cross, 200 VIP EXP, 20k crystals.On Daily Quests it is ranked in-between 1 stars and 5 stars.

    It is recommended to upgrade to 5 stars every time (50,000 gold) to maximize your EXP gained.


    Unlocks at level 50.

    You receive 5 attempts per day cost 20 stamina,

    You can gain extra attempts with diamonds depending on your VIP level (+5, +10, +15, +20).

    Buy attempts 1st extra attempt 20 diamonds, 2nd is 40 diamonds, 3rd is 60 diamonds etc. -You can receive rewards every 15 stars you receive, 1x ATK rune 1x DEF rune + 10x Pyrenese Goat tokens.

    SOS [​IMG]

    You may send out a total of 5 SOS per day, 1 SOS per friend.

    You may send out SOS from Tartarus and Element

    By accepting and completing SOS you receive 5 Charm points, 5 Magic Jewels, 1 Mount Card, ie Alligator Card

    Shard up to 10 times a day, after that you will receive no rewards.

    Siege [​IMG]
    The top four guilds of the server can attend Siege war on Tues, Thurs & Sat at 21:00The first guild war of a new server is the 4th day of the server at 21:00The first guild to 4500 points will be proclaimed the winner and siege will end.If no guild reaches 4500 points, it will continue to 21:30 and the team with the most points will win.The most points a guild can receive from flag & kills is 300, the rest must be obtained through the statue.To end the siege before 21:30, you must hold the statue for a total of 15 minutes, 14 minutes if you obtain the 300 from kills & flagIf you hold the statue but not the flag, you will have a -20% attack debuff.The leader is the only one who can claim the statue, you lose it if you die. You still receive points if you claim the statue and leave the battlefield.1st -5M EXP, 800 contribution + 5 Goddess Chest (5 pieces of Goddess per chest), along with Sword of God for the Guild Leader + Title that gives bonus attributes ‘The Might Of The Master ‘Attribute as follows HP+2000, Atk+200, Def+100 Crit+50 Dodge+50 & 5x Mount Jewel + 10 Virtuous Jewels + 100 contribution that is claimable daily at 21:30 for all members in the guild that won siege2nd - 3M EXP, 200 contribution + 3 Goddess Chest3rd - 2M EXP, 100 contribution + 2 Goddess Chest4th - 1M EXP, 50 contribution + 1 Goddess Chest

    Starter Packs[​IMG]

    Collect rewards for your char when they reach the required levels starting from 20 to 85. You can spend diamonds to collect the same pack one more time.The discount packs are also very useful and are purchasable from level 20 up to 70.


    Tartarus Unlocks at level 22New bosses at 27, 37, 47, 57, 67 & 77

    Rewards: 1x Forge Jewel, Mount Jewel, Health Potion, Gold, EXP

    Each successful challenge will cost 20 Stamina

    You may send out SOS to friends, total of 5 friends, 1 per day per friend.

    You may ‘Blitz’ Tartarus once you have 3 completed stars, you do not need to be VIP to blitz

    Once you have Challenged or Blitzed Tartarus, you may Reset for 60 Diamonds

    Tartarus resets at 24:00 server time

    On Special Events, You may also receive

    5 Boss: 10 Magic Jewels, 50K Gold, 25K Crystals for upgrading Skills

    10 Boss: 50 Magic Jewels, 100K Gold, 50K Crystals for upgrading Skills

    15 Boss: 100 Magic Jewels, 200K Gold, 100K Crystals for upgrading Skills

    You must click Collect in Event Hall for these Special Events (during Event period).

    Team Dungeon[​IMG]

    Team dungeon unlock at level 32

    Rewards: Forge Material, Medal Hearts, Mount Jewels, Honor Signets (S), Gold, Exp

    To collect full rewards, do Team Dungeon runs in Groups of 3 people to a maximum of 3 free attempts/runs with rewards. You may do more runs to help friends, and do runs in other levels lower than you, but you will not be rewarded.

    You may also buy extra attempts/runs with 100 Diamonds, by clicking on the + button above the Create, The higher VIP, the more attempts you can buy (refer to VIP benefits to see amount).


    How many VIP points need to get VIP 1? 1K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 2? 2K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 3? 5K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 4? 10K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 5? 20K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 6? 50K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 7? 100K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 8? 200K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 9? 500K

    How many VIP points need to get VIP 10? 1.000K (1 Million)