No response to tickets lodged!!

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    Apr 13, 2017
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    On 21 March I purchased 2x 10 dollar dragon Blood balens recharge vouchers. I did not receive the balens for my money and opened a ticket. I attached both payment ID's as proof.
    Mar 22, 08:38 AST

    I bought £8.14 balens from two of my accounts and have not received any balens!! Can you ensure that my money is refunded immediately!!! Thank you!!

    payment_1286853758095000.pdf I did not get the balens for my money to this day and NO response on the tickets I opened either other than a person called Sergei 101XP (101XP) sending me the following:
    Sergei 101XP (101XP)

    Mar 22, 10:33 AST

    Hi Player,
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Facebook Payment services are experiencing temporary technical difficulties. In a couple hours it will be rectified. As of now, please submit IDs of the payments you've sent while it is down (you can find them on the Facebook Payments page). Thanks!


    Today, 13 April 2017 I bought yet another 10 dollar recharge voucher. I received the 1155 and played the wheel of fortune ONCE which should have deducted ONLY 20 balens from my total of 1155 balens!! The wheel landed on the 25 % balans prize. YET I now have only 242 balens left and I did NOT purchase anything!!! The balance of balens should be 1418 and NOT 242!!!


    Nataly 101xp (101XP)

    Apr 13, 13:55 +03

    Our specialist is currently working on solution to your problem. We'll keep you informed on our progress and contact you, in case additional information on the issue will be required. Thank you for your patience.



    Apr 13, 13:30 +03

    I purchased a ten dollar recharge pack and received 1155 balens. I only did ONE wheel of fortune which should have deducted 20 balens, got the 25 % balans prize but now have only 242 balens left!!!! I did NOT buy anything!!! WHERE is my balens I bought and my prize??? I have spent a lot of money on this game thus far and it's stuff like this that makes people QUIT this game!!!

    PLEASE can this be RECTIFIED as soon as possible!!!

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