New server "Skyfall"

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    Heroes! New server "Skyfall" has opened and now you can visit other worlds!

    We prepared some rewards for the fastest members of our community. Let the battle begin!

    Contest 1

    Be the first to complete a 40 level multiplayer dungeon. The first 4 players, providing a screenshot of a 40 level dungeon completion, receive rewards from our team. The rewards are the following:
    • 3000 diamonds
    • Unique title “Legends Overlord”

    Contest 2
    Upon reaching level 50, visit the Magic Forest location (level 50-60). Drakes are hiding in this location. Be the first one to find a Drake, make a screenshot of it and publish it in this thread, and the prize is yours. 4 additional players, who successfully capture the Drake (which may require engaging in PvP battle) and publish a screenshot of it, also receive a prize. For this contest we prepared the following reward:


    Don’t worry, you won’t need a VIP level to activate this reward.
    Please submit your screenshots right in this thread.

    Good luck.
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