New horizons await! The grand update is in the game!

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    Heroes, awesome news!
    A grand update was installed into the game! Don't miss a great opportunity to challenge the dragons and increase your fortune!

    The highest level became even higher! Become the first one hero more than 180+.

    New Heroes
    Kayle, Thor's Hammer and Curse Waiter are waiting for you to add them to your team. Hurry!

    It's time for you to visit the dungeons, because there are two new stages of the single dungeon.

    Beautiful goddess awaits for her heroes! And new goddess dungeon stage is also in the game.

    Relic Realm
    This realm was updated too! And two new stages are in the game.

    Abyss is calling you! Accept the challenge!

    New Guild Dungeon stage is on!

    Happy New Year! Take part in the festival. Have fun and receive prizes and gifts!

    Exchange shop is available.

    Also, new wings, new fashion and other things are waiting for you!

    It's time to play Dragon Glory