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    Hello Everyone this guide is to describe the Mysterious Stripe from Fam Expedition

    The Mysterious Stripe is available for players 160+ through Fam Expedition. Once you are ready, start with your newly available icon to open the Mysterious Stripe interface.

    There are two different kinds of Mysterious Stripe- the ATK and the DEF which each have random stats upon appearance that you can refine to increase and also unlock bonus stats.

    Your extra stripes you gather through your adventures, you can Decompose for Washing Stones of the corresponding color.

    To improve your Mysterious Stripe, you will need to refine it by Washing. During refining, the hidden stats probably will be activated, which will benefit all hero's in your team. However, the hidden stats once have appeared, cannot be increased.


    Now, please bear with me, as this is a new event; I cannot say for certain about the Refining, Recasting, and Awakening tabs just yet. But I will be working on it everyday until I am able to further update this guide to fully explain these other options. So please check back or just keep an eye on this thread for updates.
    Have a great day Adventurers, and I will see you on the battlefield!
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