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    Do you want to obtain Unique Strong Sword(which is exclusive for CS Resource Tycoon ), Adv. Super Wheel Voucher, Super Armament Chests?
    Are you a resource-hunter? Then this event is exactly for you! Collect the required resources to get excellent rewards in CS Resource Tycoon.
    Let's check out what's new there!

    Players still have a six-day long event (instead of 4 days) when they have more time to collect resources and compete for tycoon!
    You can gain points by collecting Grotto Heart, while Refining Stone, Spring of Wisdom and Element Crystal are not counted this time. Moreover, you can obtain more resources in Time-limited Resource Sale at a lower price than ever before, thus it will be much easier for you to gain more points.
    Tycoon Daily Points are newly added in CS Resource Tycoon. Reach certain points and you can claim your rewards every day! By completing certain tasks and you can get corresponding diamonds back! The Tycoon Period Rewards are no longer available in CS Resource Tycoon.
    Also check the newly added once Tycoon. Players can claim extra rewards after meeting certain requirements including Dark Grail, Spiritsoul Melody, Eudaemon Ring, Spirit Essence, Divine Emblem, 5-star Khaos Angel Chest 5-star Khaos Hero Card. Check "Once Tycoon" out in Hot Events!
    What is more, there will be time-limited Resources on sale every day during the event! Don't forget to check them out in Hot Events! You can gain more resources than before!


    Click on the Tycoon icon on the left of the game window to open the Resource Tycoon menu.
    Players can gain points by collecting required resources during the event such as Spring of Wisdom, Angel Tears, Runestone, Blessed Stone, Seraph's Stone, Aegis Shard, Soulstone, Gold, Refine Stones, Element Crystal, Enchanted Stone, Gems and Gem Enhancement Stone.
    Each day at 14:00 and 22:00 the point leaders will be determined and prizes will be set accordingly. Prizes include Soulstone, Blessed Stone, Vouchers, Synth Scroll, Seraph's Stone, and different levels of Common Gem Chests.
    The grand prize will be issued at the conclusion of the event.

    Djinni’s Merchant
    Buy items with Darics from the Djinni's Merchants for a discounted price; they will be up to 90% off.

    Daric can be taken from Today's Gift, Total Recharge Reward, Gemology , All-Round Talent, Omnipotence and Fishing Soul, or exchanging Diamonds or Vouchers at a 1:1 rate.
    The Daric that won’t be spent in this event can be used in future.
    More awesome events will be coming up through October 10th and 13th! Check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu right now!
    Don’t forget, that the event bonus is also on the run!

    Angel's Quiz:
    Answer the questions in the Angel's Quiz to check your knowledge of the League of Angels world and to get great rewards!

    To take part in this event, click on the Angel's Quiz Icon on the left of the game window to opent the event menu.
    Each day, players can refresh the questions 10 times for free. After refreshing you get three new questions. If you answer the questions correctly you will win a big amount of Gold and Quiz points.
    Extra refresh can be purchased by using the Quiz Voucher, these can be bought by Diamongs or Vouchers.
    The extra points can be earned for each correct answer by paying more Quiz Vouchers.
    Moreover, you will be able to take part in the Cross-server Diamond Roulette!

    Have a great time!
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    czyli jak zawsze nie potrafia nic zrobic