Missing Items, Unusable Items

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    Missing Items in-game

    • Spirit guidance skill books
    • The soldier's will
    • Event Schedule
    • Server merges [6 months of requests and still waiting]
    • New servers
    • Compensation for offline servers, in-game errors [needs to be modified as old rewards are useless, make them useful for big and small players, i.e Universal upgrade elixirs. Silver and Ingots.]
    • Tuesday Chinese Event Not working ever! Still not translated not fixed!
    • Icy Spirit Stone [only available at weekends from 10 treasure bosses shared between all players]
    Unusable Items in-game

    • Spirit of the lord and evil creatures [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Merciless spirit [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Immortal spirit [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Spirit of defectiveness [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Heavenly spirit [for Heavenly War Event]
    • The spirit of fate [for Heavenly War Event]
    • The spirit of doom [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Spirit of the poles [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Spirit of the lord of friends [for Heavenly War Event]
    • Mentors coupon
    • Boss gathering order [useless]
    • Heavenly Gate Order
    Please post any i have missed i will update list"!

    Regards King S56 CookieJoe
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    • Boss gathering order [useless]
    Sorry this is wrong... these thigs are far from being useless...
    • Server merges
    This is not even an item is your own request :)
    • Icy Spirit Stones (for the first animation that are only available by drop from Treasure palace bosses... ridiculous since that is the worse animation of all)

    Unusable Items in-game
    • Heavenly Gates Order
    • Medal Forming Stones
    • Chrismas Stockings (yeah... they are still in the market)
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    ill post it but most are for updates which aint in the game yet if u can keep collecting them till they are