many servers are inactive ** merge servers **

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    topic is for discussion only

    hi everyone ,
    i have several questions and which will be discussed .

    First inquiry.

    why is there no idea to integrate servers to become active?


    many servers are inactive.
    The number of players in Server 122 may exceed hundreds but the players active do not exceed 20 players

    what do we have to do to become an active place full of people?
    we have helped a lot, but we still suffer from the withdrawal of some of the players in the middle of the road

    i will leave these questions for discussion .

    1- what are the benefits of integrating inactive servers with other servers?
    2- do you think that there are negative factors that may occur after the integration of servers between the players?

    for clarification to those who did not understand
    merge inactive servers with another server until it becomes active