Magic is invisible!

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    Heroes, an update came to Etheria on August 30!

    New Angel
    His eyes are closed, but he sees everything: Esthar has come to protect Etheria! His power has no limits, and he will become a reliable defender.

    New Sylph
    Kensei is ready to become your faithful ally in the fight against evil!

    New Angel Awakening
    From now Gaia can be awakened! She has become more stronger then ever!

    New Fairy Awakening
    A little brave Flower Knight can be awakened! Now he can help you in every fight!

    New Mount Elovution
    Warrior Polar Bear can be evolved! No one will stand up against Blacksilver Warbear and Blizzard Warbear!

    Also, you can get a new amulet: Adv. Exudos Blade (Hoarfrost Blade) and very mysterious new clothing: Acolyte Mage Clothing!

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