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    Dragon-tamers! Today is the day when we are announcing a contest. We are writing our stories, in this contest you will have to write a love story in the world of the game. Moreover, you must use at least 5 of these words in your story:
    • dragon
    • sun
    • love
    • heart
    • monster
    • knight
    • giggle
    • sweets
    • nightmare
    The story must be original and take part in the world of the game, maybe even about the characters that you meet during your journey.
    Dragons prepared great prizes!
    1st place: Valentine's Rose, Valentine's Soul, Valentine's Wings, Valentine's Love;
    2nd place: Devi Elephant;
    3rd place: Eternal Love Ring.
    Futhermore, all participants will be rewarded with Crafting Stone x50.

    The contest will end on 28th of February. Send your stories in this thread!

    Good luck!

    Play Dragon Blood
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    In a kingdom far away lived a Knight and a Mage.
    There were two dragon clans the Horde and Alliance.
    The Horde had a son called Damacus and
    The Alliance had a daughter called Spiruella.
    Their home had the most beautiful sun in the world.
    Damacus and Spiruella had always been friends,
    But because of the scar between their factions,
    They could not be together in love or life.
    Their guilds could sense how sad they were apart.
    Every day they would flood world chat with giggles.
    Until Damacus proposed to Spiruella one day.
    They had a glorious Large-Scale Wedding,
    with sweets and candy for all to enjoy.
    Where they gave each other their hearts.
    Then they rode off on their honeymoon,
    and lived happily ever after.
    The End!

  3. Flo[19160737]

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    our story begins on something like ... I have a bouquet but it's not complete ... the missing Dragon blood flower is where a knight named Flo and Princess Niskala proposed to take sweets to give them a dragon like those what organizes this contest to offer me some good items to come out and the sun in the hall of my character I love for my beloved to offer the sun day and night with some sweets. Thank you in advance Nickname Flo server S114 Giant
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    Battleground to battleground we meet to settle scores for the honor of fair maidens of days past. There to bestow a nightmare to any knight with a mighty blow of dragon wrath whom spoke smack to a fair lady or upon my queen. Never was I to imagine there I were to find love with a sheeba warrior who sun blinded me with her fashion with a giggle. She fairy flirted and seduced me with sweets and then said protect me in monster siege my dented armored knight, then and there my heart belonged to her. I am forever her prisoner walking the beeches and saying you're welcome...

    Server lizard
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    One day strolling through Lizard a handsome knight who went by the name of Father Time caught my eye.
    The sun shone on his huge mighty weapon. My icy heart melted a little at the sight of his balen pile.
    He grabbed my hand and pulled me close, he drew his mighty weapon and slayed a monster that was stood
    behind me. He pulled me up onto his dragon and we flew through Sweet Trip throwing sweets down on all
    the evil monsters. I fell in love that moment but was it a dream or a nightmare ???

    Munchkin s 116 Lizard
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    looking around what did I see a fair lady looking back at me she came over to me my knees were shaking like I had to p.. but with the courage of all she spoke to me her name is Abbie my dear sweet love together at last this sunny day were leaving the past behind from all these mean monsters called dragons to make room for the future when our hearts beat as one she'll never forget our great love I know it will last.

    lil v server 116 lizard
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  7. wizardfla7 [25959157]

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    Driven from our home in the far away land of LK by the evil monster known as Forgamer. Enduring the nightmare of leaving behind all we had worked so hard to achieve. We followed the sun for many days. Finally our journey ended here in this not so different land. My love and i decided to settle down in Delusion Forest. As we started to clear the land for our new home,many friends from the land of LK began to arrive. Together we all have built the mighty stronghold we call ARKHAM. From here we send out many raiding party's daily,with the heart of a knight our warriors brave the perils of the tower to defeat the evil dragon that lives on the top. By night we defend ARKHAM from all those who would once again try to take all we have worked so hard for......Evil beware....ARKHAM is here
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    Once upon a time...while riding through Glory City on my new mount, I ran into a handsome knight named Lil V. He had lots of sweets and boy could he make me giggle, he even offered to slay a dragon in my honor. I told him that monster was something straight out of a nightmare but he didn't care, he stole my heart right then and there! Under the bright glow of the sun, I confessed my undying love

    Abbie server 116 Lizard
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    As I lay in the Delusion forest, under the heat of a hot sun, I dreamed of the love I would welcome as my knight Slayer, would come riding in on his magical dragon. He would bring sweets to ease my nightmares of boss battles. He would swoop down and carry me off to the wedding priest where we would give our vows to carry on the Dragon Blood love we share. He would stroke my hair in the sunshine and I will giggle like a young pet anima not yet ready for my own harsh battles. And into the kingdom we will reign over the dragons, the beasts and the dragon blood followers as king and queen with the battle rating strong enough to carry our members of the guild, the Blood Tigers. We shall live happily ever after and raise our little dragons to be bold strong warriors to carry on the Blood of Dragons oath!!! ......S106 Trinket[​IMG][​IMG]
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    good story medusa its me Lani
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    United States
    They are a story long forgotten.

    Everyone can see her—standing in the same place, looking out into the distance, and seemingly always waiting for someone to come. Once, they knew her name as Milica. Now all they know her as is the holy shaman, dressed in light natural green robes with her brown hair straight behind her back. Her spirit is everywhere, but she appears most strongly in Glory City where passionate couples throw their wedding receptions, reminding her of what was. . .

    She closes her eyes. Rays of the bright noon sun overhead illuminates her, but she notices none of its warmth or its light. So lost in her old memories that are worse than the worst nightmares she could ever dream of, she nearly misses the cry of a two-headed dragon bounding towards her.

    Milica quickly stands, straightening her back. She tightens her grip on the wooden staff and peers at the dragon-tamer.

    The dragon-tamer shakes her dark brown hair at her dragon of fire and ice, scolding it. “What have you been eating? Has my husband been feeding you sweets?”

    A sharp pang in Milica’s heart strikes.

    The knight turns from her troublemaking dragon to Milica. “Good afternoon.”

    Forcing the tips of her mouth to curl upwards in a false grin, Milica subtly shakes her head and asks, “Did you finish today’s quest?”


    Then Milica genuinely smiles. Not many go to her for their daily quests in Glory City. No, they go to other manifestations of her spirit or her friend, the Red Witch, in other lands, but it is only in Glory City does his spirit manifests. From the folds of her green robes, she pulls out a small scroll she has written a few nights before. She softly requests, “Before you battle against Erikir, please give him this.”

    Taking the scroll, the knight nods.

    Once, Erikir was a dragon-tamer before he was cursed by Thanatos in a fierce battle. Now he only appears in certain places, never able to see her again. He is summoned to battle when dragon-tamers challenge the Tower and the Void of the Divine World.

    But it is only in Glory City are they the closest to each other.

    It’s not close enough.

    An earth-shattering roar draws her attention. The shaman watches the dragon of fire and ice rush towards her and dutifully stop before her. The knight pats the blue neck of the dragon and slides off the dragon's back.

    Slowly approaching her, the knight hands Milica a black journal, a white rose, and a folded white note. “He said to give these to you.”

    She takes one look inside the journal. Shaking her head with mirth, Milica closes the cover. He has written tales of his favorite battles in the Void. Possessed with a warrior's soul, Erikir always enjoys a good battle. Milica would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy a good one herself. She moves onto the other gifts.

    Tucking the rose behind her pointed ear and the stem into her hair, she unfolds the note. Tears come forth, rolling down on her sun-kissed cheeks.

    In careful, cursive letters, the words unravel before her glittering eyes.

    Happy Valentine's Day, my love.


    Quick Note: The Holy Shaman is in Glory City. And Erikir is one of those monsters/swordsmen a level 30s toon fights in a daily quest. His image also appears in Void for those who are 160 and above, lol. :D

    -Lilith, s56
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    Love is forever

    (Note: Friends I will say the boy and girl name according to their scenes)

    A girl and a boy live in a village but they don’t each other but they can feel their heart beat is beating fast while crossing each other. The boy is handsome and hot charming. He is a dragon rider. He will protect the village form the danger because of him all of them are happy in the village. In the village all of them talk about him very proudly. The girl also hear his proud but she did not know who is he? All of them in the village saying about him very goodly that increase the girl desperate. She also very desperate to see him... but she can’t able to see him. One day the boy was go out from the village for his important work.
    The girl was living with her father in the village. She was a cute and beautiful girl in the village... she will do all the work in the house and also she helped his father work only. One day she go to the forest to take wood piece from the forest that time she found a egg in the forest. She don’t know anything about the egg & took the egg with her. She don’t know what danger will come in the future form that time onwards the nightmare started in her life. She reached the house with the egg...

    In the night time the villagers sleeping peacefully in the village. After few hours the girl & father hear a voice in the village. They wake up from the sleep & move to the window and saw what is happening outside the village. They are shocked to see the scene. The dark knight are destroying the village and killing the people. They are shockingly watching that from the inside the house. That time the knight see their house. Her father see the knight & take her daughter to the backside on the house. They move to the horse. He make her daughter to sit in the horse and also gave the egg to her..

    Girl – dad you are not coming with me..
    Dad- no sweetheart I am not coming with you..
    Girl – but dad don’t put your life in danger please come with me.
    Dad – Susan don’t say anything more ( yeah friends the girl name is Susan) and listen my words keep this egg very safe with you. It will help you in the future. I don’t know whether we are going to see anymore...
    Susan – dad don’t say like this....
    Dad – I am so sorry for saying that but it is true.... you go to a safe place.... bye Susan
    That time the dark knight bang the door and enter into the house. He hear the sound and hit the horse back. The horse started moving with Susan. She go far away from them and she stop the horse & turn and see her father cryingly.....
    Dad – Susan I said go.....

    Susan started moving from that place. her father tried to stop the knight but he failed and the knight killed her father and started chasing her. In mean time our hero completed his working and moving to the village with his dragon. That time he feel something bad and looked the ground. That time he saw the girl was moving with the horse very fast and also he saw the knight are following her... he move fast with his dragon and killed the knight. She turn and look backside and saw the boy. The boy move very fast with his dragon and stand infront of her. She slipped from the horse and her head hit in the wood piece. She fainted due to the head injury.
    He jumped from his

    Boy- I thinking we are very fast safira.( his dragon name is safira. He call his dragon by using the name)
    Safira –yeah.
    Boy – I will check her safira.
    The boy move to the girl and saw the girl beautiful face & mesmerized in her beauty. Then he saw the egg in her hand.
    Boy – safira you see this she has a dragon egg... I think because of this only the dark knight follow her.
    Safira – yeah .
    Boy – I think we want to wake up her.

    He move to his dragon and take water from his bag and move towards her & splash the water on her. She suddenly open her eyes and see him that time their heart are started beating very fast. They feel each other heart beat sound. They are looking eachother for a long time... Safira saw both of them and make a sound to broke their trace. They broke their trace and look safira.

    Boy – safira what happened?
    Safira – nothing.
    Boy turn and seen her. She was about to go.
    Boy – love where are you going?
    Susan – don’t call me
    love. My name is not love.
    Boy – then what is your name?
    Susan – did you say your name to me?
    Boy – vo.. I am sorry. my name is Caspian.
    Susan – my name is Susan.
    Caspian – ok Susan where are you going?
    Susan – I am going somewhere...
    Caspian – do you know what is this?
    Susan – yeah it is a egg.. that only I know..
    Caspian – I also know it is a egg... it is a dragon egg...
    Susan – what?
    Caspian – haan it is a
    dragon egg...
    Susan – whatever it is give it to me?
    He stand and rise his hand she jumped in that place and try to get the egg.. that time her foot twisted and fall on him.. she try to want the dragon egg...
    Susan – if you want to this keep it I am going....
    She get up from him and move form that place... she walked for a long place... that time she saw a monster... she afraid of that and started running. The
    monster saw her and started chasing her.... she running and again hit Caspian and fall on him.. she hold his shirt very tightly in afraid..
    Caspian – Susan what happened?
    Susan – Caspian there is a monster please save me form that monster...
    Caspian – Ok love....i will save you from the monster

    Both of them get up . he also saw the monster is coming towards them.. he take his sword and move towards the monster and started fighting with the monster.. finally he killed the monster... Susan happily :)ran towards him and hugged him and kissed on his lips excitedly.. after that she remember what she done and blushingly:oops: hugged him and giggled in his arms... he also smiled in her cuteness and hugged her....
    Caspian ;)– wow Susan this sweet is really nice... I love this type sweet first time I got a kiss from a charming , beautiful and a hot girl... I love it... this type of sweet is so nice... I want it again....
    Susan shyingly – no I will not give it again and again she giggled in his arms..

    Caspian – why did you kissed me?

    Susan – because I like you... when I am coming to you my heart is beating fast I don’t know why its happening? When you are with me I am feeling better and protection.. I know you are dragon rider you have so much of responsibility in your life.... and so on what first time I saw you in my dream you are my dream boy..... from that time onwards I am started fallen in love with you...

    Caspian- wow really.. I also feel the same Susan.. I not see a beautiful girl like you...

    Susan – I feel sleepy Caspian. I want to sleep now..

    Caspian – next time you not run this Susan... If you run like this monster will kill you...

    Susan nodded her head as No and giggled again & smiled.... he also smiled in her cuteness.. he arranged bed for her.. she lyed on the grassy land and & started sleeping...
    He see her cute face while sleeping.. he also started sleeping that time he see a dream with Susan.. there is a large wedding scale for them .. there are so many gift for them.. they couple are giving wedding candy and sweet to all of them.....

    In morning the sun started rising

    They are sleeping peacefully... the sun light fall on their faces... she slowly open her eyes ans saw Caspian is sleeping like a child.... Susan smiled in his cute childish sleep.. she slowly move towards him and started ruffling his hair....

    Then she saw the dragon egg is started cracking.. she saw that and shouted loudly.. he and his dragon wake up and saw that the egg is started cracking.... a small tiny dragon is come out from the egg.. she was seeing a cute dragon happily.. the dragon slowly come towards her .. she take the dragon in her hand and kissed the dragon happily... Then she take the dragon with her and about to move but Caspian stop her. where are you going? Susan say i am going far away from this place. i want to save this dragon. Caspian - you cant able to go alone like this i also come with you. Susan - no your help is need to the village...
    she slowly move him and keep her hand on his cheek and compelling him to stay in the village. Susan - Caspian you don't worry about me i will manage myself. she said that and kissed on his cheek and left from that place... she started walking from that place... while moving from that place she turn back and see him and gave a smile to him... he can't able to leave her alone. he started following her secretly. Susan feel different and turn and see back. he suddenly hide behind the tree... his dragon flying over the sky... she feel her heart is beating fast.

    Susan - why are you hiding behind the tree Caspian come out. he slowly come out from behind the tree...

    Caspian - how did you find me Susan.

    Susan - because our two heart is connected as single heart you forget that sweetheart. while you are following me that time my heart is beat fast because of that i caught you.. then say why are you following me?

    Caspian - i am not following you. You are walking infront me dear.

    Susan - ok fine you go in your way. i will go in my way.

    She was about to go but he hold her hand and stop her... she was looked him confusingly...

    Caspian - are you happy while leaving me?

    On hearing that words she has no answer to reply.. tears are rolling down from her eyes :( and she hugged him. he also hugged him and started consolving her...

    Caspian - Susan don't cry i can't able to see your sad place... we will fight together with monster and dark knight and defeat them and live a happy life my love.....

    In that time she saw a monster is coming back to him.. She screamed loudly and turn their position the monster move the sword towards her and her hand is injured lightly.. he saw that blood is flowing from her hand.. he got more angry on the monster while seeing her blood.. he started fighting with the monster very hardly. that time his hand also got injured. in that time his dragon came down and took the monster in her foot and killed the monster.

    Susan was afraid and ran towards him and hugged him.

    Susan - Caspian nothing happened to you na...

    Caspian - yes dear i am fine. don't worry....

    Susan - see your hand is got injured. i will tie your injured hand.

    She tore her cloth corner and tied her injured hand.. while tieing his hand tears are rolling down from her eyes.... He saw that & move his hand towards her face and rubbed the tears from her eyes...

    Caspian - don't cry Susan. I want to see happy tears in your eyes not sad tears you are my dream girl only. So no more tears in your eyes. your hand also got injured i will treat that.

    By using the magical power he treated her wound..

    Caspian - shall we move now... and where we are going now?

    Susan - you follow me i will say that in the way....

    Caspian - Ok...

    They started walking towards the way.... then they reached the Elf forest. there they meet the Holy shaman.

    Caspian - Susan this is holy Shaman. she can help you.

    Holy shaman saw them.

    Holy shaman - who are you? why are you come here?

    In that time holy shaman see the dragon in her hand.

    Holy shaman - wow this is a rare
    dragon where you got this dragon?

    Susan - i found the dragon egg in the fantasy wood forest..

    Holy shaman - really. i think you two of them can help us. here some of them monster & knight are killing innocent people.

    Caspian - Okay we will help you.

    Holy Shaman - in forest you can see my sister. she we say the way to the monster king palace.

    Susan - okay holy shaman. i will never forget this help.

    They started moving inside the fantasy wood forest. In that forest they saw more monster surrounded them. Caspian & Susan look each other & smiled :). Susan also got the sword form the dragon. Caspian hold Susan hand and twirl her. She was blushed :oops: by his sudden action. Both of them started dancing infront of the monster and distract the monster and killed all the monster.

    After killing the monster the Red witch arrived infront of them.

    Red witch - thank you friends for helping us. i think you two of them meet my sister holy shaman.

    Caspian - yeah we will meet your sister. she says that you will help us.

    Susan - Red witch where we will find the monster king palace.

    Red witch - so you guys want to defeat the monster king. You two of them go to Mirage forest there you can see the monster place.

    Caspian - thank you red witch for your help.

    Red witch - you are always welcome. Can i ask you something Caspian. Are you guys are husband & wife.

    On hearing the red witch words , Susan again blushed :oops: and see Caspian.. Caspian was smiling ;)continuously. Susan see that and hit him lightly.

    Caspian :cool: - no we are not married yet Red witch.

    Red witch - oh! really i am sorry. but Caspian marry her soon are other wise some one will propose her...

    Caspian:D - if she will say yes i will marry her. i am waiting for her decision only red witch...

    Susan again blushed :oops: heavily and see him. Her eyes is saying him to marry her.. but the words are not coming from her mouth.

    Susan - Okay red witch bye we will see you soon. You go and meet your sister she is waiting for you.

    Red witch - okay guys bye.If you guys need my help call my name once i will stand infront of you.

    Caspian - okay red witch.

    They started their journey. Susan was thinking about their marriage in her mind. without knowing the way she was about to hit the tree within in a fraction of sec he hold her and pull her towards him. she was lying on his arms. there is a cute eyelock between them. His dragon always disturb them. He make her to stand now she was standing properly.

    Caspian ;) - are you thinking about our marriage?

    On hearing his words she was shocked :eek: :eek:. Susan has don't know how to answer the question.

    Susan - No No not like that.

    She was started blabbering.... she was don't know what she is saying?

    Caspian :cool: - Okay love cool cool... don't be tension i am just kidding you.

    Susan :mad: - Sweet heart it is very funny. don't be so funny sweetie.

    Caspian - cool cool Susan giving very joy to me . while kidding you.

    Susan - what did you say?

    She take a small stick from the ground . He turn and see her angry face.

    Caspian ;) - Susan no ....

    He started running. she started chasing him...

    Caspian - Susan no...

    Susan started beating him. he screamed in pain.

    Caspian - okay Susan enough enough.... i am so sorry ....

    After saying sorry she put the stick down. and sit in the nearby stone.

    Susan - Caspian i am feeling so tired.. shall we take rest today here.

    Caspian - okay Susan. i am also feeling so tired....

    He called his dragon. His dragon came down with Susan dragon. Caspian make the tent in that place. She enter into the tent and saw there is two grass mat in the tent. After that Caspian also enter into the tent.

    Caspian - Susan are you comfortable in the tent.

    Susan - yeah thank you.

    Caspian - you are welcome my dear love.

    Susan slowly move to the grass mat and sit in the mat. she lye down on the mat and closed her eyes.
    After few minutes later she started sleeping peacefully. He also see her cuteness sleep and slept.

    In morning both of them wake up from their sleep due to the sunlight fall on their face... they get up from the grass mat and come out from the tent. Again they started their journey...

    While moving to the mirage forest they see a waterfall in that place. Both of them move to the waterfall and washed their face.. She enter inside the waterfall and washed her whole body. Caspian saw her. Water droplet are falling from her face it increases her beauty. he was mesimerized in her beauty. He lost into the dream world. Susan slowly came towards him.

    Susan - Caspian.

    No response.

    Susan again called Caspian and shake him. he turn back to his sense.

    Caspian - what happened Susan?

    Susan - Shall we go.

    Caspian - yeah sure.

    Again they started their journey finally they reached the mirage forest. there they see the monster palace.

    Finally they enter inside the monster palace. they move to the monster palace. they joint together and fight with the monster and defeat all the monster... after defeating all the monster. All the villagers lived happily...
    In all the time Caspian make Susan happy.. he want to see her happy face all the time... they also lived peacefully

    After so many days passed, the dragon grown well.. In other side our love birds love also increasing day by day after all the difficulties.... now Caspian and Susan exchange their heart each other and decide to marry...
    Caspian take a large scale wedding large scale wedding in the glory city.. there are so many gift for them.. they couple are giving wedding candy and sweet to all of them..... he take care of her and also protect her from the danger..... happy tears are rolling for her eyes ... both of them share their love everyday... their love bond also increasing day by day.... Caspian and Susan love is becoming stronger day by day... After the wedding and also before the wedding...

    S 105 Harmony Flug

    player 25108916

    Happy Valentine’s day , my dear friends
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    Once upon a time, not long ago in Fantasy Woods a new mage hade born.
    After time other kingdoms hear about her, about Ally, a mage that defead all the enemies and monsters around her land.
    So the Master of the Gemeni Guild has send word to her that they need her on helping defead diferent dungeons and as reward help her grow up her skils.
    She was so curios about the new world, so she accept it without any problems.
    After days of walking from a city to another, Ally arive in the Guild and meet everyone, but most important she meet her love, knight David.
    Day's pass, Ally was getting stronger and stronger, she didn't care to have a husbend or lover, all she wanted was to get stronger but her heart was saying something else.
    David always joined her to fight against dragons, monsters and train togheter. They become close friends,he was making her happy. With a simple word he could make Ally giggle.
    When Ally seen that her feelings was growing, she start worrie. She didnt know how to tell David about her feelings.
    One day Ally got loads of flowers with sweets words from a secret man.
    That day David was worried that will lose Ally so he proposed her to marrie and she accept it.
    So they hade a beautiful and sunny wedding with lot of guests from all around kingdom and after they go to the honeymoon.
    Her knight(David) was the most sweet and with a heart full of love. Now they having almost everyday an reception with sweets to cheer them love always.
    Afrer time, all the kingdom merged with another kingdom. Ally think she lost her husbend and all become a nightmare to her.
    But no, she didn't lost him, he was gone to help Elfs from Forest to fight against a dragon. Now sun again shine on the beautiful kingdom and Ally and David lived happily ever after.

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


    PS: Sorry for my english :D
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    Behind you
    Home Page:

    Hello everybody that dare to read this history, I'm meow from server lizard; if I did attacked you at looting, you should feel shame by attacking me back to recover chests.

    The knight rises
    Awaken by the sun, our knight stands up from the floor, he fells hitting several trees after a dragon fights in the sky, touching his head, trying to remember what happend, just couldn't remember something about it, only that he lose.

    Hitting a tree with punches, mad because he did lose, his sword falles from a tree and cut some of its hair and he say:

    knight: kewl, I got my weapon, now wich tree should I hit next to get bad my dragon, I can't see it somewhere around

    The knight start to move on through the fantasy woods with no luck, fighting these human shape lizards and trying to summon his dragon strike but with no luck till he gets a strongly hits on his back

    knight: what in the world
    fairy: live to the love at full color
    knight: if you came to fight, lemme tell you that I am skilled swordplayer and I don't mind to lose in a fight (again)
    fairy: did you end with your speech?¿ because I'm actually very bored about you, I just came to tell you where is ur dragon
    knight: ah kewl, where is it?¿
    fairy: not gonna tell, unless you do some work to me
    knight: is it a trap?¿ did you kidnap it just to ask me this?¿
    fairy: no, you lose against someone who spend balens and I laught at it
    knight: I knew that valentin pack code wouldn't be enough to defeat it
    fairy: so u dare to take the job or not
    knight: no
    fairy: fine! you are a big (censored by the chat filter)

    So the knight keeps his walking while gets hitted from behind by the fairy, he stoppes to play cards with the fairy, drinking water, jokes, restoring forces then head back to the walking with the fairy hitting him

    orange glory city guard: HALT!
    knight: no in this life -slashes the glory guard-
    fairy: he was going to join us, since glory city is destroyed by the new continent ruler
    knight: I screwed it again; but I can hire some by rising the prestige
    fairy: no that anymore, its only you against its continent ruler, and be quick before he makes more of him with your beloved woman
    knight: he gots a hostage
    fairy: there is no more women in this continent, just three humans and me
    knight: what about the guard
    fairy: thanks to you, he is done
    knight: just revive him or something
    fairy: you read so much fantasy stuff, its not gonna happen

    the knight keeps his walking through the city and stopped to take shower, cook and rest till the next day

    knight: no, no, noooooooooooo
    fairy: -giggles- this (censored by the chat filter) is having nightmares -slappes him-
    knight; -yams- no more dragon blood cookies before sleeping again

    Moving, moving on, the knight faces a monster, slashing it and cooking it with a little bonfire

    knight: this travel is kinda tiring and my last neighbordhood parade is this dragon temple

    The knight starts to plunder all the sweets for weddings that the sage kepts in a vault and ate them wildly

    fairy: gosh, keep your manners
    knight: I love it, its so delicious, sadly we need more people to restock this place, this punch of wedding candies are not enough to me
    fairy: that's what the gobernment makes you to belief

    Battling then battling and battling monsters in the Elf forests with no rest, a panda warrior showes up to defend the entrace to the undead realm

    knight: get ready to our last match
    earthshaker panda: ...
    knight: you don't have to talk, just fight -kick sand on the face then slash-
    fairy: a dirty move but there is no way you can beat it with your little power
    earthshaker: -showes its tongue then slash back but hits a tree-
    tree: -falling-
    knight: -throwing stones then the sword to defeat the panda-
    fairy: victory!
    knight: rest in peace my friend, I know you were doing your duty
    fairy: by the way he was going to join us but I better stop waiting till you figure out what's going on

    So the knight wents into the Undead realm, did say hi to the ancient tree, fight some monsters till he reaches the final

    monkey king: hey friend, a handshake?¿
    knight: sure, finally someone who will join to my quest
    monkey king: -slappes him on the face with his rod- welcome to my domain, your quest ends here
    fairy: I'm glad to be in this quest, I would had missed so much good stuff
    knight: I born ready, get ready to be slashed
    monkey king: wait, I am not strong as anything else you fought all the way here, so let's play a game, if you win, I will lead you to the princess otherwise to the doom
    knight: I take it
    monkey king: okay get ready: rock, paper, scizzor, go!
    - after 776 rock, paper, scizzor games -
    monkey king: rock
    knight: paper! I won this time!
    monkey king: okay, what about a 2/3?¿
    knight: I take it
    - after 9999987 games -
    monkey king: scizzor!
    knight: rock! I won again
    monkey king: I did unlocked the teleport gate to the room where is the woman
    knight: thanks sissy monkey, enjoy your banana
    fairy: this is so awesome

    And so, beyong the Undead realm, the knight gots teleported underwater to the middle in the continent map, maybe called Atlantida or something

    knight: finally, already here; fairy?¿ maybe she didn't want to come

    Walking like an errand boy, finally he achieve to find someone

    princess: Is that you?¿
    knight: me?¿
    princess: there's nobody else around
    knight: what about him?¿
    dark knight: do not appoint to me with that finger, loser
    knight: just gimme back my dragon
    dark knight: this is a love story, so I just brough the princess
    knight: (censored by the chat filter) you, what am I suppose to do now?¿
    dark knight: I don't know
    princess: you got late to enjoy our valentine day, but I believe we can enjoy the nexts
    knight: fine, what about my dragon?¿
    dark knight: I tell you what, go to win the first prize in the dragon blood valentine contest then come back with valentine armor to fight against me
    knight: what about these other places or if I fail
    dark knight: then enjoy these rewards with your princess and forget the dragon
    knight: but the dragon is my friend, I won't leave it on its own!
    dark knight: I torture and feed it everyday, just once both stuff at day; it will be fine till the 29 of this month
    knight: no if I can set this now! -jump onto dark knight to slash it-
    dark knight: -dodges then kicks back-
    knight: -rolles on the floor-
    dark knight: bye-bye princess, next time get into a gym so you can be a woman to my taste
    princess: (censored by the chat filter)

    And so the princess and the knight were sents back to glory city, where they ask for help to another continent to rebuild their own

    knight: what a waste of time
    princess: you made what you could
    knight: that's nice of you
    princess: this is the time where we kiss each other
    knight: -puts the hand over her (may censored by the filter) to feel her heart-
    princess: -kisses the knight as he were a prince-
    knight: now invite me to do couple dungeon
    princess: hold on, I will blitz crypt

    Meanwhile the dark knight keeps as prisoner the dragon till the 29th to see what's going to do with it.

    Thanks anybody for reading, remember there's no only a way to win than just fighting!
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  15. DannI Divine

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    Once again I was fighting for my life Flying through the air, I saw the dragon above me blood dripping from its teeth this was no nightmare but reality and I screamed fury knowing death followed me and I had no where to hide. Pieces of a leg were sticking from it teeth my comrade in arms died horrible in front of me, the Sun was in his eyes and he lost control. fairwell my friend I thought but giggled manically praying I would survive , IT has come for me and I swerved to the side hitting it in the nose a hit meant for its eyes . MY heart pumped feeling that last chance. From the side I saw a sword flY killing the dragon in a instant. Who? He said My name is Hies And I saw you might fall and must save my luv. Your LOve ? YEs he said I have seen you in my dreams and know we will love forver . Be by my side my love we will be strong and fight as we were meant too into eternity. YOu are the bravest knight and yes we shall be together always and forver. Danni~Divine server 116 lizard
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  16. Argo [26264149]

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    I wake and place my feet on the cold concrete floor, standing and stretching as high as I can until that satisfying *pop* sounds as my spine gives me what I want. Then it’s a reach for the toes until my calves feel loose again.

    I trot out of my small bedroom and begin jogging, as I have every single morning for a very, very long time. The air is stale but it doesn’t matter much to me, you have to expect as much this deep underground. This cell is built to contain just one prisoner.

    That would be me.

    It’s fully functional, even still, with energy being drawn from core heat and everything built to last. They had to. They expected I’d be here for a long time. The cell I sleep in exits into a rectangular room, exercise equipment gathered in the center and a library so long so everything has been read more than a few times.

    They did expect me to be here a long time.

    Just…not this long.

    As I finish running I stop and bend over, taking deep breaths to slow my heart rate again, letting the sweat drip onto the floor. As habit will do, I look up to the viewing station where the guards had once kept vigil. Not for years now. Many, many years.

    Only 10 more minutes until I'm released. Perhaps I can dwell deep into the dungeon where the dragon lay asleep and steal his blood to better enchant my gear.. No, I always get ahead of myself. I need to just focus on getting out of here. “Oh you should be helpful to the guild and do mystery journey Argo!” I begin to mock. It's absurd how things can take such a sharp turn.

    I begin to hear a sword unsheathe, he's coming to end me. I can feel it. He restricted my powers as a mage and I can no longer summon the dragon.

    A knight comes running in, he looks familiar.. “Argo!” He screams and leaps onto me. “A..Alucard? You came for me?” My heart starts racing, butterflies begin to fill my stomach.

    Just like what the nightmare said: the one who is always there for you and acts like nothing more than a friend will one day become your husband. I finally understand who he was talking about.

    “Argo? Can I ask you a question?” Omg here it is. He's going to ask if feel the same about him. “Yes, yes I do.” He looks at me with a happy expression, and gets on one knee, “So you will marry me?” My eyes enlarge and I start to freak out.. I mean we haven't even started dating yet and he proposed to me? He doesn't even have a ring.. I awkwardly giggle and tell him that I love him but I need time to think about this. “But.. I will send you roses and sweets everyday to increase our intimacy. And one day.. just one day.. we will ride off into the sun and love until we can love no more.”
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    Hi I'm Vicky, I am so glad for this opportunity *astonished*, by this marvelous opportunity to tell my wonderful fairy tale and sharing my joy with all of you. Oh my God this is exciting.

    Once again, a beautiful princess (yes, myself) was once lost in a kingdom where his father didn't allow her to go out anywhere, early dinner, washing clothes, arguing! All very boring in this life. At the same time, there was a knight that I like him, but he was so dumb to me, so I did ignore him till now, because he was growing stronger and at night, I threw some stones to his window just to bother him.

    Days were too long, I couldn't bear anymore so I went out to tell to that knight that I fell in love with him; but my father sent some troops out of the city and that with him, I waited and waited, I did play any game in the city, buying food and eating them, cooking cookies, every night was too boring, I didn't give up but starting to.

    My love when would you come back, I had been waiting for so long and you didn't come, I took a sword and swear about it, that I will find you if I have to, nothing will stop me, neither my father or anything with life or not! I am so mad that I will slash anything, like this cheese, I will cut it down into many pieces!

    Tomorrow I will depart somewhere else but not here, 2 weeks ago these troops went out the kingdom and I didn't got any news, may the destiny is telling to me, that I must bring them back or I could find their corpses burned by the sun, eaten by a dragon or even worse, found nowhere.

    At night, I drank water as much as I could, ate at the same amount, I never felt myself so strong! I'm now in my own right path!, nobody will stop me baby! because I am awesome! fear me! your worst nightmare!

    Cutting down anything on my path, all was alone and desolated; I only travelled at night, hidden from the sun still if it was sunset, I didn't want to be recognized by monsters or these troops, I was guided by the moon, walking, drinking water from rivers, cooking frogs with a pretty small bonfire! Yes! I am the new Xena the warrior princess! but Xena is not my name, is Vicky! the super warrior princess! beloved by anything male thing! I use perfurm and buy shoes in the mall center!

    After too much talk to myself and walking, I sight a bonfire at some meters, when they went to sleep, I cut down them all and stole their food; my new husband was there but I had it to leave him alive with both hands tied. When he wokes up, I kissed him a lot, but a lot, because I love him a lot, and with my sword over his neck, he did promise me to protect me and love me too forever! yay! I was so happy! So I brough him back to house, without feeding him all the way back because I know how to treat men, yeah girls you must tell them who is the boss or they will start to act like an ass. Always yours my baby husband, this story is for you, Vicky.

    End... :p
    Vicky - Server 116 Lizard
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    a long time ago there lived dragons. The dragons loved to fly around in the woods at night, until one day a dragon flew on the wrong path and came to justice with people. First wherd he looked frightened, later people learned love full of dealing with the dragon.they feed the dragon every day and he protects the people. One day one of the inhabitants started to learn how to ride the dragon from the sunny sky, he could see everything there was. One day he saw that a group of wild people were walking towards their village, so they knew immediately that a nightmare was coming. If these wild people reached the village they would plunder and burn everything. But when the time came, there was the dragon who did everything possible to protect the people who gave him food and learned to trust. Eventually won the dragon of the wild people, despite the dragon itself is also hit in a fight, the people were shocked and tried to take care of the dragon as well as he would live. After a few weeks the dragon was the old , he realy had a good heart for the poeple

    server 82 stronghold
  19. Ƥraice♘

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    Peace were in the kingdoms of Panestia and Terimia ever since the beginning, giggles always filled the streets and homes, until evil started to stir in Panestia which lead to the outbreak of war between both kingdoms. The great dragon, Senirus, who lives in Panestia, ensured peace in the kingdom. To stop this war, Senirus did all he could to destroy the warriors of Terimia and to put a curse on the people of that kingdom for they were to have nightmares every night of their lives unless they could obtain the cure, which was to get the heart of a dragon. However, in the process of doing so, she badly injured herself, so before flying to the mountains to recuperate, she left behind a gift for Panestia, one where only a worthy person would be able to find, and that is a dragon egg. A young boy, Kez, who was living in Panestia was found to have a pure heart was chosen by the King to be trained to be a knight. With a pure heart and a hardworking spirit, the gift revealed itself to the boy and they formed a bond. After the dragon hatched, Kez’s love for the dragon grew by the day and they became inseparable.

    While there was peace again because of the sacrifice Senirus made, the people of Terimia were unhappy with their defeat and lead their daily lives with suffering because of the nightmares. They learnt about the baby dragon and hungered for revenge and so they plotted to capture the baby dragon so that they could break the curse. The people of Terimia planned an ambushed Panestia and on the day of the ambush, as soon as the sun set, they charged in and all hell broke lose in Panestia. Before the crack of dawn, the baby dragon was in the hands of the people of Terimia. Kez the knight went after them to save the baby dragon. Kez tried taking them all down by himself but to no avail. The baby dragon let out a wail which reached his mother who was recuperate up in the mountains. Senirus shot thru the sky and headed towards the direction of the wail. Senirus arrived in the nick of time to rescue her baby out of the hands of the people of Terimia and wiped out the whole kingdom. From then on, peace was restored back to the kingdom of Panestia once again.

    Ƥraice♘- S62 Ruby
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    The contest is over! Thank you for the participation. Soon, we will choose the winners!
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