Looking for friendly and social players to work togheter

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    Hello im Sabri haskbra from the server Miracle server S 25

    im Guildleader from the guild light .its a starting Guild so i looking for members who are social , friendly
    and willing to help other with guild qeusts teamtower qeusts or giving advise to memmers wen they ask about the game. Each level is welcome and each battle rating and you dont be a vip to join the guild.
    also high levels are welcome they can help the lower levels. but i want no snobs or arogant people with bad behavier . When i noticed that in guild chat or world chat you become a warning if you not listen you wil be kicked
    in the begin i got not offiers i wil shoose them not by batlerating or level . i choose by social,behavier abylties to be a officier, and experiens in rpg gaming so that you be helpful to new beginning members, and have be a example for the guild outside and inside.so no batlerating or level even you have the highest battlelrating or level.

    i hope you wil come to9 mine Guild with friendly greetings Sabribra
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