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    Dec 27, 2017
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    1. Not sure if I've addressed the issue of not being able to file a support ticket, but am doing it now hoping someone can figure out why. I am unable to send a support ticket because of ONE spot- the "category" will not open to show any categories. Since I cannot open it to fill it out, NOTHING will send. Good for you.....did you do that just so no one could send any requests or complaints? That would explain the problem.....you just don't want to deal with it. I read several posts on here in the forum where players are asking (often begging) for your help, yet you ignore us all. Pity. You develop a game that everyone seems to enjoy. They put in money to help you make improvements, yet you are ignoring the "fixes" players are requesting. This could be acknowledged as a SCAM to get money, yet do nothing. We are not getting what we pay for if that is the case. I read one post asking if you even 'care' about your players.......hmmmm, obviously not. Oh, and while I am on the issues topic, for 4-5 days now, when I open Dragon Souls to work on my hero's and character's development, it FREEZES the entire game. I then have to refresh and start over......after a while you learn your lesson on trying things that do not work. Just one more issue. The biggest issue for me, though, is the fact that you took my money for diamonds while Tycoon was on (the last night of it) and I NEVER got my diamonds or the goodies that came with purchasing them. I bought 4K diamonds TWICE and should have gotten the extra 8K and 6K plus the total recharge items for 8K purchases and any other resources that came in Hot Events for the purchase. It shows on my account balance, on my bank account, but not on my game. I waited for 40 minutes for my diamonds to show up, yet they never did and the time change happened advancing to the next day (Saturday Jan 16 2021). I lost everything! If you are really a reputable business, you will compensate EVERYTHING that I lost by not getting my diamonds. Please prove us wrong about our opinion of you.