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    Check out what's new.

    Season Trial - Season Shop

    - Added the Season Shop in Season Trial
    - Gradually unlock more items based on the current Season Level.
    - The items in shop are divided into daily quota and seasonal quota.
    - Most items can be purchased with Diamonds. (If you don't have enough Diamonds, you can use Amber)
    - Players can't purchase items during off-season.

    New Martyr

    - God of Death
    - Skill: Death Wish. Increases all units' DMG dealt when an ally is defeated. (Can't be stacked up)

    Customized Pack
    - The price, location, rewards pool, VIP level requirements, and quota are configured by the center console.
    - Each pack can have up to 3 item slots, and players can click the item slot to select the desired rewards. Players can buy the pack after the selection.
    - The event will be launched soon, please stay tuned