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    New update has been released on November 26! Check out what's new.

    Divine Hero

    - After activating four 6-star Heroes, players can activate Divine Hero (7-star Hero).
    - The training of a Divine Hero is the same as a normal Hero. A Divine
    - Hero can be displayed in the game.
    - In True God, materials from Divine Hero Dungeon can improve player’s Basic Stats.
    - In Divine Ascent, players can Train to improve all Stats and Divine Tier.
    - The Divine Tier effect will be activated when a Divine Hero is in a battle.

    Required items: Proof of Faith and Trial of Divine Tier

    Divine Hero Dungeon

    - As for training Divine Hero.
    - The system it's similar to VIP Dungeons. Reach the required Divine Tier to unlock Advanced Dungeons.


    Clan Fame

    - Added Spark Tournament Title.
    - A way to improve the Clan’s members relationships and power.
    - Fame will be appointed by the Leader. Different Fames have different privileges. (Added Land Income and Basic Stats)


    Other Optimizations

    - Event Dungeon Blitz: Event Dungeon - Endless Trial, EXP Trial and Dragon’s Den can be blitzed now.
    - Dream Star Optimization: When item level is full, you can refresh it only after claiming the rewards.
    - Treasure Hunt Optimization: Added Quick Treasure Digging. Players can use Diamonds to dig the same quality of Treasure Maps in batch.

    Play Wings and Claws
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