KINGS GLORY Prestige points.

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    I have come back to the game for a while to see if the game has improved.

    It is with disatifaction that their is an issue obtaining conquest points. I have noticed you will give EXP buff of 50% for the lowest players to catch up. This maybe a good idea but you have neglected the conquest trailing points. In KG, how is a low player even able to aquire such decent points where by they are being hammered by the strongest players even during after a server merge. The lowest players cannot even close the gap on Prestige. IE: 379K Prestige now needs 450K Prestige and the most the lowest player can get if they even able to kill the end bosses is about 18k. This is almost max Prestige whereby compared to 22kcp+. Can you correct this slightly and give Presitge buff also like you have done for the EXP. You cannot give one and not the other. These are to be combined efforts if you want to make this more playable for returing players.

    I understand that everyone slogs their guts out to get the prestige but the same can be said for the experience points too. EXP needs to flow the same for prestige. Please look into this if you can.