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    Hello, gallant soldiers!

    We are Glad to Inform You That We are Looking for Moderators!

    Do you enjoy “League of Angels”? Do you play more than 4-6 hours a day? Are you an adult? Do you want to help improving the game? If your answers are yes, then we are ready to offer you a position in our moderators’ team! Just fill the blank below and we will contact you if we are interested in your CV.

    1. Your first and second name.
    2. Your server and nickname in game.
    3. Your character level.
    4. Age (must be 18+ yr. old).
    5. State and city.
    6. What specific time are you online from and till? Please, consider that our server time is GMT-
    7. Are you available during weekends and holidays?
    8. Additional info: your experience, characteristic, skills.
    9. A bit about yourself. What is your occupation? Do you have any hobbies?
    10. Why are you interested in being a moderator? Please, speak freely.
    11. Your Skype login (installed Skype is obligatorily for all of our moderators).​

    We are choosing candidates for interview directly from this thread as needed. If you did not get an answer immediately, do not worry – you may be contacted at a later time.

    We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

    If you are not comfortable with having your application viewed publicly, you can send application to me via private message.

    Thank You for Your Interest!

    Play League of Angels
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