Inferno & several new glitches

Discussion in 'League of Angels: Help and Support' started by pancakes71, Jun 12, 2020.

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    I would love to ONCE be able to get on here and praise the makers of this game instead of a constant bitching about the glitches and faults in the game that plague us players. NOW, I have been jilted out of collecting Inferno the past 2-3 nights because I DO them, but only get credit for 1. Yet, when I go in to do another one, I am all out of attempts. GO FIGURE!! Tonight doing TAs, after the fight was over, I was kicked completely out of the TAs and had to "refresh" 5 out of the 10 challenges. There are a ton of other issues going on, but too many to list or this would be a novel. I am sick and tired of having the issues in the game and nothing ever seems to get done EVER. As an avid player, I really am losing interest in playing. I am pretty sure if I quit the game, several others (having similar issues) will stop playing too. SO, if you value our presence and $$ to continue playing, PLEASE do something to fix whatever issues there are.