How to move the gaming Platforms to 101XP

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    This guide purpose is to help you understand a little more about how to change from an gaming Platform to 101xp Platform.

    If you are an Player from Facebook, Gameroom, Steam or any other Platform, you could choose to move from it to 101XP Platform by following steps:

    1. Make sure you got the Character ID on the platform you are playing (Gameroom Players aren't able to get the Character ID so please request help from an friend in game, an Moderator or login into your Facebook account with the same email you made the Gameroom account);

    2. Create an account on 101XP Platform with the same email you used to create an account on the other Platform you use to play;

    3. Create an new Character on the Server you use to play and let it on Level 1 (for example you are an Player on s50 on the Gameroom Platform, so create an new Character on 101xp as well on s50);

    4. Get the Character ID of this new Character you got on the 101xp Platform and keep it well;

    5. If you followed the steps above, now is time to send an Ticket to Support and request to get your Character moved to 101xp Platform. Support may request more information about your Character for security reasons, but since your the owner there shouldn't be problems :)
    Example: Hello! I am an Player on Gameroom Platform and i want to move my Character to the 101XP Platform. I want my s50.Ally Character ID: 5783929238474(Gameroom) moved/replaced with s50.Ally Character ID 777329992299(101XP). Thank you! :)

    If you still don't know how to find your Character ID or how to contact Support, you could follow my Links to the Guides:
    How to Contact Support
    Character ID/Player ID

    I hope this small Guide was helpful!
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