Happy Halloween!

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    Boo! You thought it was yet another dragon trying to invade the Holy City?
    The good news is that this might be the most adorable invasion in your life, as four fluffy monsters arrive to follow up your Halloween celebrations on October 28.

    The Halloween event will be available in the following interface icon.

    Use Ambers or Diamonds to recruit the monsters on your side. Guess what their favourite game is? Trick or treat! At certain time you may harvest festive candies from recruited monsters. Use these candies to recruit even more monsters or trade these candies for Diamonds.


    Keep in mind that while the amount of monsters recruited for Ambers and Diamonds is limited, you can recruit unlimited number of monsters for candies!

    Uhm, just make sure you trade all your candies at the last day of event.

    Play Wings and Claws!