Happy Halloween event and other events!

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    New events are here!

    Happy Halloween
    1. Happy Halloween event starts on October 25 and lasts for 8 days;
    2. During this period, a variety of events will be launched such as Online Rewards, Recharging Gifts, Festival Gifts, Lucky Draw, Happy Dungeon, Happy Leaderboard, Gift Packs Exchange, Lighting Pumpkins, etc;
    3. Gain Halloween Points by participating in Daily Recharging, Clearing Dungeon, Gift Pack Exchange, Luck Draw, and Lighting Pumpkins. Halloween Points can be used to exchange for various rare items during the Festival Gifts event;
    4. During the event, a player who claims 50 Big Gift Boxes of Halloween per day for five days can achieve the title of Halloween Night;
    5. Participate in Online Recharging, Daily Recharging, and Festival Gifts to get Halloween Costume Armor Fragments and craft your Halloween Costume.

    Discount Store
    1. Opened on November 2 for 4 days;
    2. Don't miss a chance to get discounted items!

    Rubies Bonus
    1. Opened on November 6 for 3 days
    2. Invest in Rubies and get your funds multiplied!

    Dragon Trial
    1. Opened on October 27, lasts for 2 days
    2. Brave Challenge 1. Opened on November 3, lasts for 2 days

    Play Dragon Glory
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